View Full Version : Closed Warp Engine 040/40 and Mediator 4000DI

17th July 2011, 00:17
Macrosystem Warp Engine 40/40 64 meg ram for A4000 2 mem slots free will not physically fit in 3000D in perfect condition just remove standard 040 card and slot this one in no need to change clock jumpers card has onboard scsi II $300.00au plus postage

Elbox Mediator 4000DI for stock Amiga 4000D in perfect working condition comes with original box manual and drivers cd and a Voodoo 4500 pci graphics card $270.00au plus postage.

Payment by PayPal guaranteed not DOA will post some photos this evening thanks guys.

17th July 2011, 01:07
I maybe interested by the mediator 4000Di set
PM on the way it depends upon shipping cost to belgium

18th July 2011, 22:52
Now with free reg and insured postage worlwide:D

19th July 2011, 04:04
Interest withdraw for the mediator set.
Good luck with your sales!

19th July 2011, 05:20
Interested in Mediator set. PM sent.

24th July 2011, 14:03
Also interested in mediator set. 2nd in line.

28th July 2011, 22:17
Interest withdrawn, no response from seller.

28th July 2011, 23:13
interested in both. So in line and wanting 040 pm sent

29th July 2011, 07:18
OP hasn't been online for 10 days, but I can wait.
anyways, PM sent.

29th July 2011, 17:40
interest withdrawn from both, will see something quicker,

good luck with the sale!

10th August 2011, 18:00
Interested in mediator, not sure were I stand in line

10th August 2011, 19:08
interested on warp engine please send me your email some questions pending regards