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17th July 2011, 18:58
Ok, I though I would offer some of my recent Haul here first, a few days before they hit my online store.
Here is another AE HD floppy drive
No software, manual. Untested

$50 USD. Shipping included anywhere in North America, Add $40 for world wide.

26th July 2011, 20:44
i threw this up on xbay for $50 as i really have no clue what they are worth, so i dropped the price here also. $90 usd World wide

30th July 2011, 20:11
This unit seems to be sold pending payment (ebay) its of to Italy

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Sorry, Buyer backed out of BIN (had to open a case with Ebay) because he could not read the description properly and did not understand it (his story anyways- up, always blame it on e-bay's translation service)
So this is still up for grabs

30th July 2011, 20:24
I'm interested will that still be $50 shipped to 07083?


30th July 2011, 20:37

30th July 2011, 22:13
Payment sent:thumbsup:


30th July 2011, 23:49
Hi, payment received, but refunded, please re-send (shipping purposes) oh and thank you

5th August 2011, 07:09
Some more pr0n goodness for those that have never seen inside an AE HD Drive.
The rubber feet looked like they were migrating. :unsure:
I did the best I could, but the top still seems a bit yellowed. Sorry Chris.

5th August 2011, 07:12
last bit

5th August 2011, 19:15
Got the new payment, thanks, I will be shipping it out tomorrow. I just got to find the right size box .:p

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Ok, I lied, it will be shipped out today.:thumbsup:

...and on a totally unrelated note :Amigakit here I come!!!:woot:

14th August 2011, 14:35
Drive received thanks quarkx feedback left..:thumbsup:


14th August 2011, 14:54
Good, Just over a week shipping, that Canada Post strike we had must have lit a fire under their collective bums, and got them to actually ship stuff fast!

20th August 2011, 00:09
Deal is done all feedback left thanks quarkx..:thumbsup:

Chris :coffee: