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21st July 2011, 16:10
Here we an AlfaRAM 9mb expansion card for Amiga 1200. These come with 1MB on board as pictured. Possible configurations are 1+4MByte and 1+8MByte. No sign of battery leakage.

These are NOS, tested and fully functional cards. Looking for SOLD

More info: http://amiga.resource.cx/exp/alfaram1200

Special upgrade price: You can have an 8 MB ZIP RAM upgrade included with this last card for SOLD or 4 MB for SOLD

You can have a 33MHz FPU installed for SOLD, and I can also fit a new battery (using professional tools) for SOLD

Postage to EU is 14.50 Worldwide 16.50. PP gift or add 4%. Number of units: 2

- 1 unit sold to ITfanatic - CLOSED
- 1 unit sold elsewhere

And the small print: I take pride in packaging all my items very well, with materials appropriate for the item. I have plenty of bubble wrap, padded envelopes, foam, anti-static bags and cardboard boxes. Post Danmark is more expensive than e.g. German post or Royal Mail but they are very reliable and fast, even with non-signed parcels. An economy letter to the UK typically takes 3-4 working days, often delivered only in 2 days.

Most of my items are New Old Stock (NOS) quality, unmodified and complete with original packaging, all accessories, manuals, inlays etc. I usually go out of my way to help resolve any problems. I normally test my items before sending out, but I can't offer any warranty or returns as I'm a private collector and most of my stuff is more than 15 years old.

21st July 2011, 16:14
I'm interested in 1 unit. Sending PM.

21st July 2011, 16:34
I'm interested in 1 unit. Sending PM.

One unit sold to ITfanatic - payment received.

21st July 2011, 16:43
Payment sent.


25th July 2011, 16:58
Special price for ZIP RAM with the last card.

27th July 2011, 13:54
Payment sent.


1st August 2011, 15:20
Open to offers.

5th August 2011, 09:32
PM sent with offer.

Edit: Interest Withdrawn. (New PM sent)

5th August 2011, 12:52
Price drop.

9th August 2011, 00:16
Parcel received in excellent condition.

Mike W.

11th August 2011, 23:46
Feedback returned.

12th August 2011, 00:25
I'm interested pm sent:thumbsup:

18th August 2011, 22:13
dj.echo has withdrawn his interest as he has sold his A500. So this is still available.

20th August 2011, 19:07
Is the ram card still available?

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If it is still available can it still be upgraded by 8mb? Do you know if this will solve the memory issues I am having with WHDLoad on my Amiga 1200 using a 4GB flash HD?

Can you please pm me as I want to buy :)

20th August 2011, 19:11
hi Geordiejay (http://www.amibay.com/member.php?u=4321) you need to post that you are intrested (you need 2 posts to pm)then send a pm to tbtorro for payment details and such

20th August 2011, 19:49
Thanks mate.

Do you know if this will solve my WHDLoad problems. My A1200 has 2mb chip ram but with my flash HD not all is available for games. To run SWOS I need at least 2mb chip memory & 1.8mb to preload. Is this suitable mate?

20th August 2011, 19:55
yes it would be suitable with the extra zip ram installed for whdload

and for your 4GB flash HD open a new thred in the AmiOracle (http://www.amibay.com/forumdisplay.php?f=82) section
so it does not clutter this thread mate.

9th September 2011, 02:01
New price

15th September 2011, 23:44
New price.

16th September 2011, 11:39
Hi I am interested in one, I`ll PM you.

27th September 2011, 01:51
Declaring re interest if you have any left:thumbsup:

27th September 2011, 06:31
Don't forget your feedback guys..:thumbsup:


11th October 2011, 23:46
Declaring interest also. and sending a PM.

12th October 2011, 01:26
Damn you tbtorro, stop advertising stuff that interests me! LOL - Declaring interest in this as next in line.

27th October 2011, 09:14
Last unit has been sold on Andrew's wanted thread.

Please close.