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22nd July 2011, 12:49
I decided to sell my Blizzard 1260 card and stick with the Blizzard 1230+scsikit in my a1200 (since i already got a 060 in my 4000D).

So up for sale a Blizzard 1260 from Phase 5.

In perfect working and cosmetic condition.
Comes with 64 mb slim Kingston memory unit that fits the Blizzard 1260 perfectly with space between the cpu.

This is the desktop version and fits an A1200 with the trapdoor closed.

Price E 365 + shipping.

Banktransfer or paypal gift accepted.


22nd July 2011, 16:12
Declaring interest.
Can you please tell me the shipping costs (including insurance) to Budapest, Hungary?


22nd July 2011, 18:41
Shipping to Hungary costs EUR 19,80 including track and trace, 500 euro insurance and signed delivery.

25th July 2011, 07:09
is this a blizzard with scsi kit?

25th July 2011, 07:13
is this a blizzard with scsi kit?

He dosent say one is included and none is pictured so its safe to say no SCSI kit is included.

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25th July 2011, 07:20
2nd inline for declaring interest... (Yes I must be crazy) :D

Shipping estimate to Australia?

25th July 2011, 08:07
Shipping to Australia is EUR 25,60 including track and trace, 500 euro insurance and signed delivery.

as fitzsteve already mentioned, there is no scsikit included. (he just sold one himself :) ).

26th July 2011, 21:15
Payment/shipping details discussed in PM. Payment sent.

26th July 2011, 21:59
Payment received.

Will ship tomorrow.:thumbsup:

29th July 2011, 10:21
Package received (wow, lightspeed shipping)! :)
Hopefully I can test the card today or tomorrow.

29th July 2011, 10:41
Wow, thats indeed superfast :blink: (Sent 27/7 @ 14:22)

Happy to see the card was succesfully delivered. :thumbsup:

29th July 2011, 20:08
Now if you guys (are you both guys, right?) can leave feedback to each other we can close this thread. :)

9th August 2011, 13:05
Sorry about the late reply... (I'm back from vacation :cool:)
The Blizzard was successfully installed into my A1200, it booted yesterday nicely.
Everything seems to be perfect! :D