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7th March 2009, 12:33
I have some books for sale. All books are in very good condition.

Insider Guide series: Amiga 1200 * 9

Insider Guide series: Amiga Next Steps * 9

Abacus: AmigaBasic - Inside and Out * 19

Abacus: Amiga - Tricks & Tips * 19

Amiga Basic + disk * 9

I accept PayPal and I can ship worldwide.

12th March 2009, 12:19
Books being sold. Thanks. :)

12th March 2009, 12:46

Sorry my friend, I'm a bit confused, Do you mean the books are now sold or are in the process of being sold ?

Just carrying out some housekeeping :wink:

Thanks :mrgreen:

12th March 2009, 13:07
I'd be interested in 'Abacus: Amiga - Tricks & Tips * 19 ' if its still available..

12th March 2009, 14:17
Sorry that I was not so clear. Books are sold, so we can lock this thread. :)

12th March 2009, 14:54
No problem Phantom, Thanks for the reply,
I had a feeling that's what you meant

Thread closed