View Full Version : Found Lot's of retro consoles for an A500 HDD sidecar or internal IDE

24th July 2011, 22:36
After any Amiga 500 HDD sidecar interface, internal is fine too. IDE would be preffered. Can only offer other items to trade with as I'm out of work and have no spare cash, but lot's of retro items. :)

Obviously, for the more expensive A500 HDD's ie: GVP A530 I'd be happy to trade several of the systems together for it.

Some items I'm happy to trade (I do have more but too much to list)

Would prefer to trade as complete system bundles. IE: all saturn stuff together.

Sega Saturn Boxed. 3 Controllers, Scart Lead (I believe it's RGB though not quite sure how to tell, it has all the pins.), Backup Memory Cart, 12 Games included are:
Virtua Fighter 1
Virtua Fighter 2
Resident Evil
Panzer Dragoon
Nights into Dreams
Virtua Cop & Gun
Sega Rally
True Pinball
Titan Wars
Sonic 3D
Sega Worldwide Soccer '97 (Unboxed)

Super Nintendo Boxed, Official AV Lead, 2 Control Pads, 3 Boxed games inc: Donkey Kong Country
Super Tennis
Legend Of Zelda: ALTTP (Unboxed)
Mortal Kombat 2 (Unboxed)
Desert Strike (Unboxed)
Street Fighter 2 Turbo(Bunndled With Console)
ISS Soccer Deluxe (Unboxed)

Nintendo 64, Official AV Lead 4 control pads, memory expansion pack, 10 boxed games including:
Lylat Wars aka Starfox 64 (includes rumble pack)
Super Mario 64
Doom 64
Zelda OOT
Zelda Majora's Mask
Conker's Bad Fur Day
Diddy Kong Racing
Donkey Kong 64
Jet Force Gemini
Pokemon Stadium (Includes Gameboy Transfer Pack)
Wave Race 64
Goldeneye 007
Perfect Dark (Unboxed)
ISS Soccer 64 (Unboxed)
Pokemon Snap (Unboxed)
FIFA '98 (Unboxed)

Dreamcast Boxed (No Manual), VGA Box from racketboy.com, 4 controllers (1 of which is new and used twice), 4 official VMU's & batteries for the things, 2 rumble packs & 1 unofficial, 7 games inc:
Shenmue 1 (No cardboard sleeve)
Shenmue 2
Soul Calibur
Metropolis Street Racing
Virtua Tennis
Virtua Fighter 3TB
Will also include a wallet full of about 40 CDR's ;)

NES, 2 control pads, zapper light gun, 14 Games included are:
Super Mario/Duck Hunt
James Bond Jr
Bugs Bunny Blowout
Mega Man 2
Parasol Stars
Mission Impossible
Little Nemo: Dream Master (Best NES games ever IMO)
Shadow Warriors (Ninja Gaiden for the uninformed)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2
Simpsons: Bart VS Space Mutants
Master Blaster (2nd best NES game ever IMO)
Gauntlet 2
Top Gun (Unboxed)

PlayStation One (Small Later Miniature One), 2 Dual shock pads, RF Lead :nuts: , AV Lead, 26 Games included.

Gamecube, 1 official controller, 1 wavebird controller, 1 3rd party controller, King Kong, Resident Evil 4, Star Wars Rogue Squadron, 1080 Avalanche, Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3.

GameBoy Bundle: (Will also give whoever has this lot a Australian DSI with crackly speakers as a bonus :D )
Gameboy Color Yellow
GameBoy Advance SP (Last Revision with a proper backlight)
Gameboy Advance Micro
Boxed Games Are:
Pokemon Yellow (GB)
WarioLand 2 (GBC)
Spyro Adventures
Spyro 2
Super Mario Kart
Mario VS Donkey Kong
Mario Bros
Simpsons Road Rage
M3 Micro SD Backup Cart & 1GB SD card full of erm... homebrew :P

Xbox Crystal
Xenium 2 ModChip, currently running XBMC and has homebrew on it :P
2 controllers, 1 official dvd remote, component lead.

Power Mac G4 FW800. Dual 1.4Ghz, 320GB Western Digital drive. 2GB Ram fitted. Airport Extreme card. Original apple keyboard, mouse and speakers included. This is the highest spec G4 apple made & the best looking :D
Will also include a matching ForMac 17" LCD for it, though I have never bothered using it, so not tested. Powers up and displays fine, just haven't used it for any length of time to state my reputation on it.
The machine would be very ideal to use as a MorphOS machine, tried it with the 2.7 demo disk. Works brilliantly.
Will come pre installed with Mac OS 10.5.


Only doing this as I've been told to clear some space in my house and my family still like the Amiga's thankfully :thumbsup:

25th July 2011, 02:28
Some Pics Uploaded, will upload some more soon.

25th July 2011, 06:20
You have to specify prices you want you cannot just ask for offers. Depending on prices i am interested in the nes and snes, but really need to see how much you want for them first.

25th July 2011, 06:48
Hi -Acid-

He is not selling he is looking to trade, hence the lack of prices.

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Jon Hare
25th July 2011, 11:43
Well, I have some IDE Controllers to swap. But I guess it's a bit expensive for you to ship to Germany, or?

25th July 2011, 14:23
I will check the cost of shipping, but yes, in general shipping overseas is crazy money in general :(

btw sounds like you have some awesome IDE adaptors :)

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Cheapest price is 77 shipping to europe. Which tbh, I couldn't afford to do. Amazes me that in this day and age there's still no cheap way ship goods around the world :mad:

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You have to specify prices you want you cannot just ask for offers. Depending on prices i am interested in the nes and snes, but really need to see how much you want for them first.

In general, I'll propose 2 consoles bundles per A500 HDD adaptor, obviously for rarer items I'll give more kit than that.

25th July 2011, 14:50
Thats a very fine Saturn collection you have there :blink:... Wish I had an A500 for you.

Good luck with the search! :thumbsup:

25th July 2011, 14:57
Thx, I've always wanted Panzer Dragoon Saga for it though :bow down:
Kinda soul destroying to see it all go, been collecting consoles since I was about 6.

That's why I'm only listing things on here, at least I know they'll go to a good home with like minded people :nod:

25th July 2011, 16:11
New Pic Of The Power Mac G4

Jon Hare
25th July 2011, 18:29
Well, I know that there are cheaper methods.

Investigation in progress :)

25th July 2011, 18:35

Holy WOW! Thats some awesome console collection you have there :drool:

If at all possible I would not get rid of any of it if I was you, its just rocks dude :thumbsup: Or perhaps you could sell one of the bundles on and find a hard drive controller after?
I really wish I had a spare one for your N64 and SNES collection :drool::drool::drool:

25th July 2011, 18:45
@ John Hare: Yep, investigation pending, postage to europe should be affordable for me to do now :D (Thnx to all in the other thread for a good shipping site)

@ Tajmaster: Thanks for the praise :) only taken me 20 years to acquire. My N64 collection is probably my favourite, just wish I could find the N64 box and controller boxes that are somewhere in storage :( . There are still more systems I'm planning to put up, but they are all in a storage container away from home along with my project car
I would sell for cash, but if I did, I won't see any of the money as my bank will take it to pay back my overdraft :Doh: so I wouldn't be able to buy anything.

If I just swap for items then I can justify it in my mind as not costing me anything :D

25th July 2011, 21:23
Provisionally sold to John Hare, provided they get delivered ok :)

29th July 2011, 07:58
I've got a Rochard if you are interested. 8 meg installed and i thing a 6 or 8 gig IDE harddisk. Don't know what size it supports. It also support SCSI harddisks. Also you can connect an external SCSI device like a CD-Rom player.


Send me a PM when you are interested.

And i would be interested in some Sega Stuff.

29th July 2011, 11:32
John Hare has taken the entire collection so nothing left to swap.

29th July 2011, 11:39
time to mark it closed then :)

29th July 2011, 12:09
Closed it is then. :)

Jon Hare
29th July 2011, 13:12
Items received :o

Damn fast it was. Wasn't there when it arrives, so will have a look at the weekend. All Amiga items (2x A500 HD Controller, A500 Turboboard, Scandoubler all Amigas, A1200 Turboboard etc) for the swap are prepared and will be shipped as agreed.

Very professional processing, Gouldin. Will do the same :)

29th July 2011, 13:28
Thanks, hope it all made it there safely, packed it as tight as I could so there was no space to rattle around so should be ok.

Will take you a while to sort through it all though as I had put it all in where it would fit :p

Here's a checklist for what I sent for ya to tick off.

29th July 2011, 20:23
Feedback, gentlemen?

29th July 2011, 20:35
Well. the stuff for me isn't due to be delivered until 10th august so wouldnt be fair for us to do feedback yet I'd have thought.

Though I cant forsee any probs cropping as john hare seems like a top bloke :)

19th August 2011, 12:39
Feedback sent :)

Jon Hare
19th August 2011, 18:59
And feedback sent, too :)