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26th July 2011, 17:07
Hi my name is Daniel and I'm polish Amiga fan. I'm using Amigas (with some breaks) from 1994 till now. I started with A500, then I had A1200 and finally A4000T with CS060/50 and CV64 3D. In early 2001 I sold my A4k and bought A1200T with Mediator and Apollo 1240/40. In 2002 I sold it but I always had some stock A1200 that was waiting for better times :)

Few months ago I finally found some time and money to restore my Amiga hobby. I took my old A1200 and made some improvements. I bought E/Box tower, Meidiator, Voodoo3, Apollo 1240/40 (changed to Apollo 1260/80, and waiting for BPPC) with 64MB RAM, HD floppy, Spider USB, CD. Now I'm fixing OS in order to work on my Amiga once again.

I also have A500 with 1MB RAM and stock CD32 (which I think is very interesting game maschine and it's sad that C= wasted such a good project).

Meanwhile I'm looking for A4000 and I hope to find a good one on AmiBay.

Sorry for bad english, but I wasn't using it for a long, long time.


26th July 2011, 17:09
Welcome aboard Daniel mate.
I'm pretty sure that Amibay will fulfill your Amiga needs. Thanks for sharing your Amiga History. I really hope you'll find whatever you seek.

Btw your english is really good so no worries :)

26th July 2011, 17:44
Oh hi!

26th July 2011, 17:46

26th July 2011, 18:05
:thumbsup: Welcome to the mad house my friend.

26th July 2011, 19:00
Hello ITU/Daniel and Welcome aboard! :thumbsup:

10th December 2013, 16:10
Last year in December I decided to start web store with Amiga hardware as we had lack of new hardware in Poland.

Firstly I wanted to sell only in Poland but after a while I noticed that there are some foreign customers who buys in RretroAmi. So here I'm on Amibay and maybe some of You will find my little RetroAmi store usefull.

10th December 2013, 16:17
Welcome Daniel.

10th December 2013, 16:31
Hi Daniel just sent you an email enquiring about a possible sale :thumbsup:

10th December 2013, 16:43
PM replied.

10th December 2013, 17:00
Daniel you are not an Amibay Retail Virgin no more, i broke your cherry !! :lol:

10th December 2013, 17:11
hi superduper and Daniel if you have made a sale can you please make a thread for it


10th December 2013, 17:19
hi superduper and Daniel if you have made a sale can you please make a thread for it


Hi John
I did it through his retail store so no record is required is there ?

10th December 2013, 17:32
ok superduper