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9th March 2009, 17:53
Now, I was in a real hurry. So the pics of this card didn't come out so well.

But this card has been delivered to the TV repair shop in the ground floor of the building where I live. He's charging 40 to change all the CAPS, solder on a DJBase battery module and exhange the RAM Sockets.

The sockets will not be changed this time around, since I'm waiting for spare sockets form AmigaKit.

The TV repair guy will hopefully contact me on Wednesday with a newly serviced Amiga babe.

9th March 2009, 20:15
I am looking forward to the end result on this!

good luck with this my friend :)

Kin Hell
10th March 2009, 14:20
LOL Keith. You were in here sharper than a curry off an ice slope! :mrgreen:

Best of luck too Arnljot. :wink:


Kin Hell
30th March 2009, 05:31
Arnljot! - Any news on this project yet m8?


31st March 2009, 13:02
Sorry for the late reply

It's been delayed. The guy doing the service is working slower than he anticipated, and he's been ill.

I was supposed to hear from him yesterday, but didn't. I think I will follow him up tomorrow.

I'm not in a hurry, and but it's anoying when you're told one thing, and it's not followed up

5th May 2009, 18:41
OMG :-(

:flamethrower: :****ed: :stick: :nono: :thumbsdown: :****ed: :****ed:

The card came back non functioning. Its dead.

It powers on, but the screen stays black. Also, the RAM sockets did not get swapped because he didnt have the correct tools. And it shows, the caps are butt ugly exchanged, its a terrible job :****ed: :****ed: :****ed: :****ed:

Theres even melted plastic on one of the zorro slots on the motherboard. And some of the solder joints under the card where ram sockets are connected is also scorched. :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

This ended as a disaster :****ed: :****ed: :****ed: And it took almost two months. AAARGH. PERKELE!!!

5th May 2009, 18:54
Sorry to hear that...

Maybe with some proper tools and better skills the card still can be brought back to life?

5th May 2009, 19:02
Sorry to hear that...

Maybe with some proper tools and better skills the card still can be brought back to life?

I'll be sending it to Anthony Hoffman in NZ. but.... it shouldn't have been nesscary :banghead:

Money is just flowing out on this damned hobby, it's insane. Three botched A4000s. :****ed:

Kin Hell
5th May 2009, 20:02
Oh cr4p m8! - Hope you gave the fella no money for this botch job & gave him some :stick:

Here's hoping Anthony can revive it for you! :thumbsup:


5th May 2009, 22:35
It's already boxed up. I just need a 4th mobo so that I have something to get me through it while my three cards go to NZ ;-)

7th May 2009, 02:24

..... wow..... thats pretty..... !"$"!"!!!! bad

my friend, i really am sorry to read this, i truely am...

i do wish i could help, alas my time is to limmited to really be effective for you at present.

best of luck getting this board sorted, I am sure that if anyone can Anthony will be able to help.

7th May 2009, 15:49
Thanks Zetr0.

I have all my ducks in a row now, I'm just waiting for a 4th motherboard so that I have something to hold me over while my hardware travels the world :-) When the 4th card is in house, I will pack up 3xA4k mb, 1xa3640, 15xsimm sockets and ship it all to Anthony Hoffman.

23rd May 2009, 12:15
Shipped three A4000 motherboards, one a3640 and 15 simm ram sockets to Anthony today.

With TNT express that was 1782 NOK. That is $281.24 USD, or 201.29 EUR, or 177.00 GBP, or $459.24 NZD...

Then estimated repairs and return shipping (plenty too!). This better be worth it!

23rd May 2009, 13:43

I'm so glad it only cost Anthony 5 to ship the parts I needed to me & I was able to replace and solder them myself.

I have no doubts however that Anthony will do a first rate job, the guy is a perfectionist and a gentleman. :wink:

Darn those postage costs though :sigh:

TC :)

23rd May 2009, 15:03
Today I just feel sad and depressed as I have no Amiga4000s :)

But then again I must be nuts who have three of them :nuts:

Dont tell my gf or she will :censored: me! :wooha:

24th May 2009, 07:15
Then quote me a board! I still need one for that other amigan with a wasted A4000, but the fellow don't have money now. I think he will in a couple of months.

24th May 2009, 13:48

If all goes well I will have a spare a4000 motherboard in surplus when this is all over.

Itll be returning from service with Anthony - so in many ways itll be in mint condition with his seal of quality ;-)

I have three long running tasks then.
- Ive promised some chip ram to a chap. I have to search to remember who
- Ive promised some a3000 wb2.0 help
. And now Im possably dealing in motherboards for Brazillians :-)

But lets not get ahead of ourselfs, lets first see that they all get working back from NZ.

28th May 2009, 13:44
28 May 2009 08:57:00 Auckland Delay Retrieving Shipment. Recovery Actions Underway

Should I be worried? :-S

13th June 2009, 14:36
I heard from Anthony the other day. The cards have arrived safely to him, my packaging was sufficient.

The card the tv repairguy have been at is dead atm, but Anthony will spend some more time with the logic analyzer.

Kin Hell
13th June 2009, 17:19
Here's hoping he has 100% success! :thumbsup:


24th June 2009, 14:56
I received a mail from Anthony yesterday, he will be turning his attention now onto the dead a4k card. The rest of the work is done now.

Kin Hell
25th June 2009, 18:13
Excellent news Arnljot. :D


8th July 2009, 16:52
My cards are on their way back to me. All in all its quite reasonable to have that amount of work done with Anthony.

Two cards fully fixed.

The card I bought from Skurk could not be saved. Anthony made some remarks about that card...

So I told him he could keep it to canibalize for parts for other repairs, and to save me on return shipping.

I'll post pictures when I get it all back.

Kin Hell
8th July 2009, 20:20
Ah well. I guess your still happy with the result?


9th July 2009, 00:13
Ah well. I guess your still happy with the result?


I think I will be :-)

But I still have to wait and see until they are back here with me :-) They are in transit right now.

Btw, what is a soak test?`My cards have passed it I'm happy to report :-D hehe

Kin Hell
9th July 2009, 00:40
A soak test is basically a period of time running. All components are usually soak tested before being sent to retail or back from repair. They are not dipping them in a solution of anything. :laugh: :mrgreen:


21st July 2009, 23:50
I have received my kit from AH now.

Both mother boards with a seperate "health certificate" stating their clean bill of health. PRIMA!

I'll post pictures soon.

Kin Hell
22nd July 2009, 00:01
Excellent! :thumbsup2:


22nd July 2009, 00:03

long running tasks then.
- Ive promised some chip ram to a chap. I have to search to remember who
- Ive promised some a3000 wb2.0 help


But since I haven't been reminded of this by either party. I guess there is no hurry

One dead motherboard remained with AH, so I have three machines and three motherboards. That's no motherboard in surplus, but possably one or two machines too many depending if you ask me or my GF.

But don't get your hopes up. I don't think I will sell any. Sorry.

@Kin Hell
Absolutely. I bet those certificates are worth their weight in gold :mrgreen:

22nd July 2009, 11:42
I bet those certificates are worth their weight in gold

Not really, you can download them from Anthony's site & fill them in yourself :lol:

Seriously arnljot, good news on the repairs I'm so pleased you got most of them back & healthy... :thumbsup:

Regarding the 2MB chipram, I think it was me as I wanted to swap out the 8MB one I have for a true 2 MB to see if that changed an issue I was experiencing with the Indivision AGA

TC 8)