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1st August 2011, 10:10

I have some merchandises for sale.
The merchandises are in Hungary.
I send it into Europe only.
Postage to Europe 101-250 g 6,5 €, 251-500 g 9 €, 501-1000 g 14 €.
To pay paypal only gift.

New MC68010L10 10 MHz. Tested in A500. 22 €.
Info. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Motorola_68010)




1st August 2011, 23:03

2nd August 2011, 01:38
Hi PPC and welcome to AmiBay. Please wait at least three weeks to bump your threads unless you have made a significant change in your original post. A significant chance can be anything from a price change to a change in what you are selling.

Please let us know if you have any questions about this policy and good luck with your sale.



2nd August 2011, 23:26
Interests of my any merchandises?

3rd August 2011, 07:02
@PPC: I will try to help you understand about the site rules :)

This is using an online translator

We are trying to explain the rules, so you can understand them.

Mi se próbálta magyarázni a szabályokat, így hát tudja őket megérteni.

SkydivinGirl is saying that you can not repeatedly write about your items, until three weeks pass.

SkydivinGirl mondván, hogy ön nem lehet írni ismételten körülbelül az ön tételek, amíg három héten belül továbbítja.

You must wait for three weeks until you remind us of your sales

Ön várnia kell három hét mindaddig, amíg te emlékeztet bennünket az ön értékesítés

Only if you make changes to the prices or descriptions you may say so.

Csak akkor, ha ön változtatásokat az árak és leírások maga is mondja.

Thank you for your cooperation

Köszönjük, hogy az ön együttműködés

6th August 2011, 11:47
New card.