View Full Version : Sold uATX power supplies going for a song

1st August 2011, 18:09
A pair of uATX power supplies, cheap, used, and available for little more than the price of postage. (I just want the space back).

One of them is claimed 450W (13A on 5V, 12A on 12V) with 80mm fan on the top side.
3 +P&P

The other is claimed 200W (18A on 5V, 10A on 12V) with 50mm fan on rear side.
2 + P&P

As usual, switch the green wire to black wire to force a uATX/ATX power supply to turn on without the motherboard support.



1st August 2011, 20:33
hi mate intrested depending on postage,pm sent

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payment sent

5th August 2011, 18:55
thanks mate recived and working fine.leaving feedback