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3rd August 2011, 22:43
As I'm still trying to buy my friend's AmigaOne uA1, the Amiga 3000D must go (it as had barely any use from me any way)...

So for sale is:

- Amiga 3000 Desktop PAL + Tank Mouse (No keyboard)
- Cpu 68030 25Mhz / 68882 FPU
- 2MB chip ram and 1MB fast ram
- Motherboard Rev 9/03 Daughterboard rev 7/01
- Kick 3.1, Superbuster 11, Amber 03, Super dmac 02, Ramsey 07, Fat Gary 02 (all socketed)
- 1 x Chinon FB-357A HD, 1 x Chinon FB-354
- Scsi HD IBM 9gb

Interior metal case as been sanded and spay painted silver color.
Exterior looks ok for age, slight yelloying and some marks of use but not many. PSU as been sanded and spray painted also works good.
Both sound and image are fine (31khz vga output and standard rgb to scart)

Now the bad news:
Battery as been removed by me, only very sligh damage from leaking, no problem to traces or chips near.
HD floppy reads/writes 880kb ok but HD floppys is very unreliable, sometimes it manages to read 1.44 pc formated floppys, never managed to format a 1.7kb floppy, always fails.
The 880kb floppy drive reads/writes fine, no problems.

The HD will go only with a standard 3.1 WB instalation just to boot, nothing else.

I'm thinkin 250 for it plus shipping and fees. ONLY EUROPE, this weights more than 13kg packed. Near offers are considered.

3rd August 2011, 22:53
Some more pics :)

4th August 2011, 06:09
What an awesome machine!!! Good luck with your sale mate. I'm sure it's not needed though :)

4th August 2011, 12:49
Hello JLpedro - what is the cost for shipping to the UK?

4th August 2011, 13:17
Between 55€ and 60€, It weights alot :(.

But lets say 300€ round including shipping to UK registered and tracked.

4th August 2011, 13:25
Thank you, it does look lovely :thumbsup: I will think about it

but I am not declaring interest at this point.

4th August 2011, 13:30
:thumbsup: ok, thanks.

4th August 2011, 14:33
What about shipping cost to P o land?

4th August 2011, 15:19
It's a bit more to Poland, see HERE (http://www.ctt.pt/fectt/wcmservlet/ctt/empresas/correio/envio_internacional/encomendas/encomenda.html), 13kg~14kg Zone 2, It's close to 75 :(

6th August 2011, 18:00
Small price drop to 230 + shipping.

7th August 2011, 19:07
Please mark this as reserved for the moment, local interest.

7th August 2011, 19:09
Please mark this as reserved for the moment, local interest.

Thanks for the update.

Thread prefix changed.

Dave G :cool:

12th August 2011, 17:20
This is now sold outside amibay, please close.

12th August 2011, 17:23
This is now sold outside amibay, please close.

Closed by your request!