View Full Version : Closed Original 68k Software: Word 6.0, Basic 1.0, EZVision

4th August 2011, 02:37
Hi, I have 3 pieces of software for sale, these will work in System 7 and I think System 6. The MS Basic will work even in System 1, I think!

Asking for $20 each + shipping from Montreal, Canada. If you can pick up, I'll add a FREE Mac SE! :lol:

Microsoft Work 6.0 (10 disks - disks only, no manual)

Microsoft Basic (1.0?) Disk and Manual. DISK IS UNREADABLE (gouged) for completeness only. I will add a backup disk.

MIDI Sequencing software: Opcode System EZVision 1.0.2, Disk and Manual. Manual has some water damage but is generally fine and readable. Disk reads OK but I'll add a backup anyways.