View Full Version : Sold Blizzard 1260 060@77.76MHz 64MB RAM

8th August 2011, 02:17
As in title, including selected 50ns 64MB SIMM capable to work @77.76MHz.
Card fits into standard A1200 desktop case without any problem.
Oscillator is socketed, so no problem with frequency change.

With 060@77.76MHz card reached 102MIPS!

Please be aware that SCSI KIT will refuse to work with 70MHz and higher.
So if you plan to use SCSI KIT I will add 66MHz, 60MHz or 50MHz oscillator (up to you).

060 cooling is a must if card will work with frequency higher than 66MHz. There is a possibility to switch-off fan by removing red jumper if frequency will be 66MHz or lower.

Card in perfect visual and technical condition.

You will get:
1) Blizzard 1260 with 77.76MHz oscillator installed
2) 66MHz, 60MHz or 50MHz oscillator for free

Asking 385EUR including insured and tracked shipment to EU. Shipment to other countries possible, please ask for extra postage fee. Will not be high though.

Payment by PayPal with option "gift".



Have a question - please PM me.

8th August 2011, 08:01
I'm interested for buying

8th August 2011, 08:13
Ok, no problem.

Please send me private message and I will give you mu PayPal account. You can write in Russian, no problem for me.

8th August 2011, 08:39
Post one more message in this thread. You need 2 post to write someone a message.

Or stachu maybe you write him.

8th August 2011, 09:56
stachu100, I got your message

Payment sent!

8th August 2011, 14:23
Sold to @31pka. :-)
Money received, thanks!

8th August 2011, 14:37
Excellent video! I want to know name of program to dissolve windows like PCs.

9th August 2011, 12:09
Shipped. :-)
Tracking info provided to @31pka by e-mail.

10th August 2011, 01:37

So this looks like the fastest you can get a Blizz to go and still fit in the standard case without using silly rubber feet to raise it?

Keep selling these cards, I will buy one from you one of these days :)

10th August 2011, 07:39
Fastest is 80MHz, but not all Blizzard cards will go with this frequency. Don't forget that card was design to work at 50MHz.

With regards these rubber pads under A1200:
People used them because of angled RAM socket.
And this is the real reason, not overheating.

I have nice qty of 90 degree low-profile SIMM sockets (exactly the same as on photos here) and once I will have some free time I will offer my service to replace angled SIMM socket to 90 degree low-profile; let's call them "trapdoor friendly". :-)

And yes, I wil have something for sale from time to time. ;-)

29th August 2011, 20:07
Card received and tested, feedback left