View Full Version : Closed Scsi Kit cable 2 (internal)

8th August 2011, 14:55
Custom made cable for a Blizzard SCSI kit

SCSI kit connector <> 50 pin SCSI device connector

This perfect for use with internal SCSI devices within a towered A1200 that has a Blizzard turbo card and SCSI - Kit fitted inside.

price 15 euro + shipping

bank transfer or paypal gift accepted.

NOTE : *(towered A1200 / blizzard turbo card and/or scsi kit not included)*

10th August 2011, 17:57
Price drop E 15

10th April 2013, 08:09
This is quite a long shot, but is this still available? If so, I'd be interested buying this.

13th June 2013, 13:05
Declaring interest, just in case that this is still available.