View Full Version : Closed Dead A1200 CPU/RAM card or expansion port connector

9th August 2011, 19:36
Looking for a dead ram/cpu card for the A1200.

Well, I'm really only after the edge connector on the card that connects it to the A1200 expansion port.
So a loose connector would be even better but thats probably dreaming from my side ;)

17th August 2011, 04:21
I have dead 2 x GVP 1230 board, say me your offer...

7th September 2011, 19:51
Hi mate,
I would like to know how you plan to replace the connector since I bought an Alfaram1200 memory expansion that doesn't work because there are many broken pins inside the connector.
Any help would be appreciated. If it is possible to replace the connector on my own (I have a solder and I am able to use it a little) I would like to buy a dead ram/cpu card for a1200 too. If so I will open a new post