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15th March 2009, 18:23
Hi all,
i thought this might help Scrappysphinx, as you can see on the borders there are the "bandind" issues people talk about, but the main image is great, i know people say this is not an aga scandoubler but this picture is AB3D2 and i can't see anything wrong with it :D (lol where's Alexh to tell me i'm wrong? lol)

cheers all, JuvUK

15th March 2009, 18:38
Hey Juv, to be honest i've been using the scandoubler for 2 or 3 days now with a crt monitor and i find it to be as good as my CM8833 monitor.
I have now offered it to imnogeek and am awaiting his reply.
Thanks for the pics though.
Thats what i love about this site, everyone is always so friendly and always there to lend a hand!

Thanks again


15th March 2009, 18:40
no worries Scrappy dude!

glad to help, and this site is Jawsome, it's good to just come here and chillaxe :wink:

Cheers, JuvUK

16th March 2009, 22:11
try to run some demos with copper effects and you will see that ugly banding 8)

Kin Hell
16th March 2009, 22:19

@ JuvUK

Those borders are the TFT sizing the Amiga's output. Chain is right about using Copper Gradients. This will show you the real banding issues, but........

....Chuck a CRT on the thing & the Banding will be Gone! - Then come back & ask me why! :wink:


16th March 2009, 22:24
not always my friend, not always.

there are two type of bandings :)
one is color banding on rich color transitions,
and second one (which you probably refer to) is a vertical banding, which occurs with some internal scandoublers and its/occurs probably like moire effect

16th March 2009, 22:26
ok, so what demo and where do i get it from?
i'll run it and post pics :D

cheers, JuvUK

16th March 2009, 22:27
it can be also game with copper background, sont know which, just try to figure it out ( it will probably no happen as you cannot compare it with original image)

once you will see it, its like nightmare, be prepared to cool your emotions, really

Kin Hell
16th March 2009, 22:53
Yeah Juzzer. If I were you, I'd have a spare pair of shreddies standing by just in case! :lol:

16th March 2009, 23:24
lol nah i'm safe, commando you see :shock: