View Full Version : Closed A2000 Motherboard, 2-A500 keyboards parts/spares

10th August 2011, 20:32
I would be suprised if any was interested, but I got in over the weekend these parts. Untested, and I really don't have the time to go over them or even clean them ;)

1- A2000-CR Motherboard
Rev. 4.4
Has battery damage, but looks like it could be cleaned, but other corrosion (not holes but surface crud) on it.
Missing Paula and Gary Chips
Has Rom Ver.315393-02 Which I believe is Kick Start 1.3
just a regular 8370

$45 USD should cover it for North America (shipping in) $65 USD for the rest of you! (shipping in)

2 -A500 Keyboards untested Uncleaned US layout
$20 USD (North America) each!
$50 World wide Shipping in.each!

3rd November 2011, 19:23
no long available- mods please close and lock thread