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14th August 2011, 14:11
HI Guys
OK I am looking to swap my Cyberstorm MK1 she runs grand but because of the way the memory stands up I can't get it fitted correctly into my Eagle tower.
I know that might seem daft but I have spent a lot of time getting this all setup, only to be stumped by something daft.

Would like an 040 or an 060 with memory or you can keep yours and I will keep mine(memory).

pictures of her running in my old Desktop.

So if you want an 060 50mhz let me know:nuts:

if your offer is good I might even include my zalman fan controller which is linked into my cpu fan.

14th August 2011, 14:31
I have recently got an A4000 which has an A3640 cpu board with the standard 25mhz `040 overclocked by bebek to 33mhz.
I am using the miggy for watching demos, she is nice :)

I am sure you would be more interested in say a Warp Engine 040/40 or such like but hey, just putting the idea out there :)

Edited to add: sent you a pm

14th August 2011, 14:45
PM sent with info on an 040 40mhz

14th August 2011, 14:50
pm sent on a warp engine 040

14th August 2011, 15:31
Yeah its more a warp engine or Apollo need the extra ram. would love to get a cyberstorm Mk2 with 040 but guess the guys have been upgrading these to 060.

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Hi Guys
I have come to a deal with Optiguy sorry to everyone else he has a warp engine which is just what I wanted.

Many thanks


14th August 2011, 19:40
Aww. sorry i pm'ed you without scrolling down, i just read you've came to a deal already.