View Full Version : Closed NTSC CDTV Unit 2 For Parts

15th August 2011, 16:38
This is the second Unit I have for sale. The technician put notes on this unit. Motherboard is Good. Boots to floppy drive only! Will not read CD's! This unit will probably ship with Version 1.0 roms, or until I find out what these are (see other thread) Version 2.2 motherboard.Top cover is dented a bit and has label. Front buttons and expansion cover have been removed and gone. Plastic Commodore logo has been removed

$60 USD Shipping included in North America
$185 USD Shipping included worldwide.

Again, will not part out, you must take the whole thing

15th August 2011, 21:58
In my rush to get this listed this morning, I failed to flip the unit around. It has no back panel or RF unit. I just assumed all would be there.

21st August 2011, 16:42
I have dropped the price to basically just shipping. I may make a few bucks on the US side, but I will lose money if shipped overseas (based on the A1000 I just sent to Taj.).
No ROMS are included, as a local person from the Amiga club made me an offer last night I couldn't refuse. Sorry
any overcharge in shipping will be refunded back to paypal.

3rd November 2011, 19:22
no long available- mods please close and lock thread