View Full Version : Sold Risc PC + Ethernet + 486 co-pro cards

16th August 2011, 13:07
Comes with keyboard and mouse, the CPU is a 610, V3.70 rom's. The battery has leaked and damaged one of the surface mount components and I couldn't get it to boot. They are nice cases so I am a bit loathe to chuck it in the bin and the PSU seems to be still be working.



16th August 2011, 13:25
I'm interested. I've PM'd you :D

16th August 2011, 16:05
Second in line. :)

16th August 2011, 17:02
agreement in principle reached :thumbsup:

16th August 2011, 20:15
Much as I hate to do this, I'm going to have to back out: r0jaws, over to you.

I have too many half finished projects... Apologies all around.

17th August 2011, 22:24
I'm afraid that I am also going to have to back out. On reflection, it wasn't quite what I was after.

18th August 2011, 15:57
I'm going to try and test the machine tomorrow, I'll update this thread once I've done that.

18th August 2011, 23:00
HI, what about shipping out of the UK? (Czech Republic)

21st August 2011, 00:48
I've just tested it and it looks dead. I've updated the first post and knocked the price down to £20, which I think is worth it for the PSU, co-pro and network card.

21st August 2011, 12:38
Hi Jim

Are you sure itís broken. If the battery is dead it may only need the cmos memory setting for a pc monitor. Try the following, switch on holding down the T key, the monitor will say out of range or something similar, release the T key, switch off then switch on again while holding down the 4 key on the number pad keep the 4 key held down until the desktop appears should only be a few seconds. If it still doesnít work then maybe you were right, itís broken.


21st August 2011, 18:25
I don't get any LED's on the front panel although the fans and disks spin up. I've tried your suggestion but it's still deader than corduroy.

4th September 2011, 20:52
This item is now free to anyone who wants to pay the postage/collect, otherwise it's going in the bin :-(

Please note that the network and co-pro cards are now being sold seperately.

4th September 2011, 20:57
Hi, could you quote me for postage. I have the bits here that should bring it back to life...

PM sent declaring interest.

5th September 2011, 12:40
Payment sent :D

8th September 2011, 19:48
It arrived yesterday in my absence and I just had a peek in the box! :thumbsup:

May the tinkering begin :D :D

Feedback left... :readit: