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17th August 2011, 19:44
So this morning, I got to cleaning off my kitchen table/ Workbench, and I put the A2500 upon it.
The Unit so-far as I know it (I don't expect anyone to be interested in it just yet, until it has been gone through and cleaned and working properly.
The case has some scuff marks and scratched.
I pulled the outer shell off to find that it is pretty much a stock A2500.
The A2320 AMBER card is NOT included in this sale, but is used to test the unit.
What I know so far.
Revision 6 Motherboard
It has a A2630 card, Rev.9 card with Rev.7 roms looks like a full 4 megs of ram.
A2091 rev.4.1 card with ver.7 rom unknown HD size And an Centronics like connector (external on cable) (i think they are called Ultra wide, but I am no expert by any means on SCSI). It has a full 2 Megs of Ram.
The final Card is an ASDG Dual Serial Board

What I do know is that the HD wont Boot right now, and the floppy is not reading disks.

More pictures soon/daily. I do have 3.1 RomS for this and a Battery hack. I will be installing those and it will come with a fresh 3.1 Install, No software cables books etc, though.
Upon Request, and for an extra $30 USD,keyboard, and mouse. For another $30, A NEW floppy drive from AmigaKit, I do not expect Payment for any of my sales until it is ready for shipping.

Price update Sept 18/2011
Added SCSI CD Rom Drive
Asking $270 USD including shipping to North America,
$370 USD including shipping for the Rest of the World (Overseas price increase, do to Canada Posts outrageous shipping charges)

17th August 2011, 20:35
The original owner must of had a Cat! I am itching and my eyes are redding as I type. The mother board is covered in a fine dust/hair, but a good cleaning will get rid of that. I think the battery was replaced at one time, for I have never seen a white one. Regardless, the battery shows no sign of leaking and the motherboard looks pristine. The Roms are the original 2.4, but I have 3.1 here just for it (actually I ordered it for the other 2 A2000's I have here, but I will drop one in here). That's all the time I have for it today, though. Tomorrow, I will pull the motherboard and preform the battery hack

19th August 2011, 20:09
Not much work has been done in the last few days, as I have been fighting a nasty Virus (spyware, Trojans and such) on a neighbour's computer in the morning than working at night, but Yesterday and today, I did get a few minutes on it and tested my new Soldering station to boot. First, I must say, what a difference the station makes. A few hour job turns in to a few minutes with the right Soldering iron. I would never recommend a $15 iron from "the source" again.
I mean I still suck at soldering, but the suckage is less bad. Or I don't suck as much as I sucked before..???
Anyway, I removed the motherboard, cleaned it and took this time to pop in the new 3.1 Roms.
This morning, I removed the RF shield. It sucks not having the "right" nutdriver, as Commodore seemed to be all over the map with nuts.The A3000 has different sized ones and they can be removed with my standard one, but these were bigger (yep a new joke : A2000 it has bigger nuts!")
When I flipped the mother board over, it did look like the battery was replaced by a bit of browning on the solder.
The new soldering iron and sucker made quick work of de-soldering the battery.
I taped the new battery holder down, just to keep it from falling out and then proceeded to solder it in. Then I simply cut the excess off with side cutters.

Thats it for now, I am going to clean the mylar sheet, then put the rf shield back on.

19th August 2011, 20:11
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28th August 2011, 06:00
So all this week, I have been working 8 Am- till 11 PM, so I haven't been able to get much done on the A2500, but last Sunday, I did do this:
Since the RF shield was off, I cleaned the Mylar sheet, as it had dirt build up on it, Then replaced the RF-shield back on the motherboard.
I then scrubbed the bottom part of the case, as it had tons of cat hair and dirt under the motherboard.
On the back, I saw the label that this Hard Drive was 105 Megs, and more than likely, other then the ASDG Dual Serial board, this was a stock unit from Commodore. The had written label did not survive the windex and scrubbing though.
I then assembled the Motherboard back into the bottom part of the chassis.

As of Thursday, I HAVE ordered a new floppy Drive from AmigaKit. IF I can't get an original floppy back up and running, I will be putting the new on in.
Next is cleaning the Power supply and Hard Drive sled (oh! Fun!)

19th September 2011, 06:39
Well, after a few weeks, I told a whole lot of people "NO" today and took some time to work on the A2500.
Today, I took apart the Power Supply and sled and cleaned up all the cat hair inside.
For those that don't know, The NTSC power supply on this A2500 has a plug on the fan and is removable/ replaceable. The A3000 and 4000, the fan is soldered right the board. Unfortunantly, (after looking for an hour) I found I was out of fans that size and decided to clean the old fan. It wasn't making noise, so it just needed (a really) good cleaning.
I also installed a SCSI hard drive to transfer files, as nobody here could be bothered to make the floppy disks I was willing to pay good money for.
this of course will bump up the cost of the unit.
At last, when I put it all together, I put on an "extension" pig tail for I know that the power supply cable will not reach back tho the hard drive.

19th September 2011, 06:46

19th September 2011, 06:54

20th September 2011, 06:54
Just a small batch tonight. I got up early and started the build up. I first put the new battery in and thought that the clearance might be a bit tight, so I took a pringles chip lid and traced out the top of the battery and put a drop of hot glue, so nothing could short out. As it turns out my fears were for not, as there was plenty of clearance above the battery, once the power supply sled was installed.
I then started to add the cards. Once I got to the 2091, I removed the old dead drive and replaced it with (I believe) a 1 gig drive. I then noticed that I didn't need the pigtail at all as the power plug for the hard drive was right on the card. I should have realized this last night, but I was tired.
I then put in the Com card and tightened everything down. I did not zip tie the cables neatly yet, as it might have to come all apart if I cant get the floppy drive working. I have a brand new floppy drive here from AmigaKit, but I would rather use the old one.
Tomorrow the boot and install

20th September 2011, 08:57
Dear Quarks,

hehehe when alergic to cats an old machine from a cat home does bring tears to your eyes :)
Progress looks good, nice going there :)
It must be my failing eyesight, but the machine does not look too bad...even first pics don't show shocking dammage.
Keep up the good work :)

Grtz, PymerOne.

20th September 2011, 16:15
Dear Quarks,

hehehe when alergic to cats an old machine from a cat home does bring tears to your eyes :)
Progress looks good, nice going there :)
It must be my failing eyesight, but the machine does not look too bad...even first pics don't show shocking dammage.
Keep up the good work :)

Grtz, PymerOne.

Yep a lot of sneezing and ichining when cleaning out this machine. It is actually in very good shape. One of the closest to mint shape A2500 I have seen, and closest to factory. I suspect that this unit is a very late production run, as all the stickers say June 28 1992 and the power supply says July 29 1992. I believe (other than the Comm card) this was exactly how it left Commodore with no (other) Modifications. It's a shame the original hard drive died, but it was pretty tiny.

21st September 2011, 06:37
today was the boot session. Like a dolt, I put the floppy drive on the wrong side yesterday, when I removed it to clean it. No matter what I tried, I could not bring the floppy back to life, even using the new floppy drive cleaner. I will be tearing it apart and installing the new FD0 from AmigaKit tomorrow.
Luckily, the hard drive did have a 3.0 install on it, and it fired back up no problem. Like I suspected, this is a 1 gig drive.

26th September 2011, 16:58
Got a new Digital Camera over the weekend , so my pictures may suck less now.
Almost done this beast, then on to the 3T, but so far September has been my busiest month work wise, this should have been done weeks ago.
I took the hard drive sled off and took out the old floppy drive. Even after so called cleaning it, the inside is still caked with cat hair. I suspect that once I get some compressed air, and really take this drive apart, It will be fine, but now, I don't even think the heads are moving, because it is so clogged up.
I then mounted the AmigaKit floppy on the correct side and threw everything back together.
I then tested out the floppy and it runs flawless.
I formatted the hard drive, and then put in a fresh install of 3.1.
Now to get the CD rom drive working.
Because this is my first time installing a CD rom, I know I made it way harder than it had to be, but because the Manual for 3.1 does not have a CD rom guide, nor is there a guide I could find on the internet, I just had to make it up as I went along.
First, I looked for a "Mount" tool in workbench. Something in the system or preferences or tools folder that could remotely be of use and then I found nothing.
I then tried "Guessing" at what command lines I could possibly use in the shell, but nothing there.
I finally broke down and installed my Asim CDFS disk I have.
The install went fine, and it recognized my Toshiba CD rom drive. But, I got a bit worried when there was no Icon for the CD drive on my desktop. But I popped in my "Future Amiga" cover disk and it showed up and I could browse the cd contents, so I believe that is fine now, but I never had a CD rom in 3.1 before so I was confused by no Icon (it shows in 3.5 and 3.9)

So, what is left is getting the comm card drivers and getting the top part of the case cleaned and it will be ready for shipping.

26th September 2011, 17:01
Did I mention, How nice it is when a floppy drive actually works properly? Stress level goes way down and thing just come together.
That's it for now, more when I can.

2nd October 2011, 21:57
Ok, one last time.
It's time to wrap this baby up and ship it to its new home, as I got a ton more stuff added to my plate, and I need this baby gone.
Today a burned a CD and tried to put the drivers on for the Comm card, but no dice. To copy the files over, the Amiga wanted to write to the CD, and of course it can't. So I give up, If nobody can find the time to make a few simple floppies, I will leave the driver loading up to the new owner and leave it at that.:thumbsdown:
I also found the batteries dead in my new camera, so I reverted back to the crappy Iphone again. They just give out the cheapest batteries with a new camera, and I didn't have the time to go to the store and get new batteries just for a few pictures.
I then got out the zip ties and proceeded to put a good wrap on my cable management. Because I didn't have any large zip ties, I put a spot of hot glue and some electrical tape to hold the SCSI cable down.

Then off to the bath.
I took off the front panel and removed the 5 1/4 inch drive cover for the CD rom. I then proceeded to first use a magic eraser to remove the surface dirt, then took Pine Sol and hot water to scrub the bejesus out of the top shell.
The foam strip was falling off, so I removed it cleaned and scrubbed the inside and hot glued it back into place.
Then I did the same to the front panel and everything is back together nicely.

2nd October 2011, 22:05
Ok, now it is done and ready for boxing and shipping.
But wait.
I know a lot of people would like this Just for the A2630, but shipping cost for all this excludes them.
Remember , I am asking:
Asking $270 USD including shipping to North America,
$370 USD including shipping for the Rest of the World (Overseas price increase, do to Canada Posts outrageous shipping charges)
I would hate to break this thing up, but I am willing to sell just the A2630 for $200 USD including Shipping anywhere in North America and $225 USD including shipping to every were else in the world.
this is also going up on the other bay, as I have to get rid of it ASAP.

3rd October 2011, 17:23
Price Drop:
$250 USD including shipping to North America.
$350 USD everywhere else

Just the A2630:
$175 USD Including Shipping In North America
$200 USD including shipping world Wide

14th October 2011, 06:33
Sold on the other bay!
Could the mods please close this thread?!