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18th August 2011, 14:50
For sale i have an acorn a7000 , no monitor but includes keyboard and mouse.

Risc os 3.6
12mb ram(max 132mb)
500mb hard drive
keyboard and mouse.
Has box(a7000+ box but basically the same)
no monitior, used a VGA monitor like a PC

Bought on here a couple of months ago but i have tooooo much stuff now, so time to go to!

30 delivered uk.

http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?t=18005 Original thread

Payment via paypal

18th August 2011, 15:03
Nice 7000 mate, though technically not a RiscPC, that was the machine with the flip down panel and DOS compatability (via a 486/586 CPU). This is just a RISC computer. :)

18th August 2011, 15:05
ahh true ! well noticed :-)

18th August 2011, 15:21
I am interested pending some informaions:

- cost to ship to France?
- i am reading that this computer is able to do some modern things like MSN or internet browsing better than any classic amiga, is that true?
- i read that most games are as good as on the amiga, is that true?

18th August 2011, 15:57
it can surf the internet , yes put needs a LAN card , they are on ebay from time to time
as for games there are lots of games for the acorn and many are being converted from PC to the acorn too. some searching in google will help you. to be honest i haven't played many or researched it very well. I've been too busy.

postage ? i will check now.

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Postage to France is 25

18th August 2011, 16:42
Am interested - could I be next in line please.

18th August 2011, 16:57
of course my friend :-)

18th August 2011, 18:39
Ok, i'm going to leave this one in the UK :-)
Would be curious to see pics of the inside thought.

18th August 2011, 19:04
Looks like it down to me then - PM Sent :)

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Payment Sent :thumbsup:

18th August 2011, 19:29
boxed up and ready to post :-)

19th August 2011, 11:14
posted today :-)

23rd August 2011, 16:48
Arrived Safely - Feedback Left :thumbsup: