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19th August 2011, 03:08
Used and in good working condition. No accessories or software. This is a rev 1.2 PCB. It has 2MB of 45 ns DRAM installed. It was used a couple of years in my A2000 and the last few years in my A3000. It's been a reliable and rock solid board. I have the manual in PDF format and can email it to the buyer if requested. Here is link to more info: http://amiga.resource.cx/exp/picasso2

$85 + Shipping OR
$81.50 + Shipping via PayPal in Gift**

Standard PayPal payment accepted*. PayPal fees included for USA buyers only. Shipping will be via USPS First class mail w/tracking unless otherwise requested. Insurance is optional. If the item does not sell here in USA I may have to make it available to international buyers! ;)
*Paypal credit card payments are non-standard! **The buyer may optionally pay via PayPal in Gift to reduce the total purchase price by $3.50.

19th August 2011, 03:09
Hi Interested :) Sending PM im in sunny CA :D

19th August 2011, 22:11
PM replied. VidChick has requested a possible trade and/or possible Paypal in Gift to reduce the total purchase cost. (Paypal in Gift is OK with me and possible trade still under negotiation). Since this deviates from the original terms of this thread I will only agree to change the terms of this thread with Amibay's approval. (Assuming no violation of price driving rules, etc.)

So Amibay Moderators, Mega-Admins, and all-mighty GOD's of Amibay speak now (or least within the next 24 hrs) if you have any objections please! Thank you! :)

19th August 2011, 23:05
Hi SpeedGeek,

A trade is totally up to you. Just keep all the information public in this thread in case there are any problems with the transaction. :)


20th August 2011, 13:38
OK, thanks SkydivinGirl ...and congradulations on the promotion to Level II Solder Tech! :)

20th August 2011, 14:35
Interested in this . . . 2nd in line. Sending PM.

21st August 2011, 15:19
The following PM has been sent to VidChick:
Your proposed trade is canceled due to failure to respond and provide a list of items you wish to trade. You have 24 hours from the date of this PM to purchase the item or your interest is withdrawn and item goes to 2nd in line. I will waste no more time with you! :mad:

22nd August 2011, 16:37
VidChick has failed to respond and purchase item. PM sent to DeepSpaceTrader!

23rd August 2011, 02:34
Next in line...

26th August 2011, 14:25
Payment received from DeepSpaceTrader and item shipped on the same day. (8-24-11) Thanks! :)

14th September 2011, 20:46
Feedback has been received by both buyer and seller. So MODERATOR'S you may close this thread if you like! :)