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21st February 2008, 12:39
Hiya! 8)

I have for sale a GoldenGate 386sx (http://amigahardware.mariomisic.de/cgi-bin/showhardware_en.cgi?HARDID=348) card with it's optional (but ultra-usefull) Monitor Master (http://amigahardware.mariomisic.de/cgi-bin/showhardware_en.cgi?HARDID=801). Comes with suitable vga cables , original driver-disks, and 4MB installed. Fully tested and working.
Shipping worldwide and paypal possible.
PM me with an offer if you are interested.

http://i125.photobucket.com/albums/p55/ ... 022008.jpg (http://i125.photobucket.com/albums/p55/restqp/21022008.jpg)

21st February 2008, 13:04
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21st February 2008, 13:54
ooopps sorry, I am looking for 150eur, the money I payed 6 months ago to get it...

21st February 2008, 13:57

29th March 2008, 12:15

I have for sale a spare GoldenGate 386 @25mhz (http://amigahardware.mariomisic.de/cgi-bin/showhardware_en.cgi?HARDID=348) with the optional Monitor Master (http://amigahardware.mariomisic.de/cgi-bin/showhardware_en.cgi?HARDID=801) that automatically switches between Amiga and PC side.
you will get the gg386 card, the monitor master, the vga-cables for the monitor master, the 2 driver disks (that include latest updates) and a "butchered" original manual, the German half is missing LOL

it is a nice addition if you have space in your amiga , and it allows you to play nativelly 386 pc games there (like wolfenstein3D, Alone In The Dark, Ultima series, Apogee classics, anything that runs on a 386 pc, u get the point LOL) a must for retro-players. (and NO , you cannot play DOOM class games, even with the 50mhz gg486slc, not enough power in 486slc cpu's)

http://i125.photobucket.com/albums/p55/ ... 022008.jpg (http://i125.photobucket.com/albums/p55/restqp/21022008.jpg)

what I am asking for the lot is ~150eur including shipping , payment via paypal . Offers are welcome via PM.

2nd April 2008, 14:59
my gg386 is now in it's way to NZ, so please close this ad :D
thanks! 8)

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