View Full Version : Closed Amiga 600 Ram

Amiga Forever
25th August 2011, 12:47
Had anyone got Amiga 600 ram? The more ram the better:thumbsup:

25th August 2011, 13:20
Just for your information there are a few types of Ram upgrade available to you:

1mb Chip Ram, for upgrading your 1mb Chip to 2mb

The A608 (which clips over CPU) which adds Fast Ram (4mb and 8mb versions were produced)

PCMCIA SRAM Cards which you can get in 512k, 1mb, 2mb and 4mb fit in the PCMCIA slot and give you Fast Ram up to 4mb.

And lastly Accelerator Cards which clip over the CPU like the ACA630, will give you up to 32mb Fast Ram.

All the best,


Amiga Forever
25th August 2011, 13:49
thanks steve:thumbsup:

It seem that I would go for ACA630 :thumbsup:

15th October 2011, 14:12
Are you still looking for something? I have spare 1mb Chip Ram upgrade I can let you have for mates rates, PM me if interested.