View Full Version : For Sale Atari 8bit/ST peripherals + 520STFM:1MB RAM + 520STFM:2.5MB RAM!

22nd March 2009, 02:44
For sale a bunch of Atari STuff:

These are US models and in excellent working condition. I also have joysticks and mice.

1) Atari 1040STF (comes with mouse+joystick, NOT yellow) $120 - SOLD outside AmiBay

2) Atari 520STFM upgraded to 1MB of memory! (comes with mouse+joystick, NOT yellow) $120

3) Atari 520STFM upgraded to 2.5MB of memory via Z-RAM 3D board, which allows up to 4MB of expansion on any ST! Very very rare. (comes with mouse+joystick, NOT yellow) $200

4) Atari ST external 3.5" floppy disk drive (no power supply, untested) $50

5) Indus GT-1000 5.25" High Density drive (no power supply, untested) $150

6) Atari ST magazines $25

7) Atari software on original disks (will need to go through this to figure out what's there) $50

8.) Atari 8-bit stuff: Atari 1027 printer (no PSU?) $15 - SOLD

9) Canon BJ-10ex : one of the best printers ever! (bubble-jet, tiny, battery powered!, even has Amiga native drivers!) $100
More info: http://old.nefec.org/upm/printers/mca10ex.htm

10) For parts/fixing SC1224 monitor. Stopped showing picture one day, but sound works fine. It's probably a single part failure as there was no "blue smoke" or such. Maybe even a cold solder joint. Who knows. Yours for cost of shipping. Monitor is visible in first photo below.

S&H is whatever USPS/UPS charges from USA. Payment by Paypal (+fees) or Paypal gift (+ 0 fees)



22nd March 2009, 04:11
I'm interested. Would you have an STe by any chance? I'd also be curious to know what other ST items you may be looking to clear out.

... Steve

8th May 2009, 20:28
if you could desolder the WD1772 FD controller chip from one of the ST's (dont really want an ST just the chip)
i would buy the chip only :D

9th May 2009, 03:22
You buy all -cough- computers(?) -cough- from that line and rip off the controller chips. :whistle: :twisted:

9th May 2009, 10:38
You buy all -cough- computers(?) -cough- from that line and rip off the controller chips. :whistle: :twisted:

only problem with that would be the shipping costs to the UK :run:

9th May 2009, 10:39
I have a bunch of Atari STuff which I need to sell to make room.

These are US models and in excellent working condition. I also have joysticks and a couple of color monitors.

Is there any interest? If so, I'll update the thread.

You must state a price :mrgreen: :banme:

10th May 2009, 01:03
I am curious. I have a megaST and wouldn't mind expanding my atari collection. PM Sent.

10th May 2009, 02:41

Sorry, I'd rather not butcher a perfectly working vintage machine, even if it's an Atari... Let it, for another few decades, just wish it could be an Amiga ;-)


Aye, aye sir! :-p I was just feeling the waters, but had forgotten about this thread.


You're the first in line mate!

10th May 2009, 19:48
I am interested in the 1040ST. PM Sent.

17th May 2009, 17:09
I haven't heard back for Da9000, does anyone know him? Are they okay? They said they would contact me on Friday to let me know what shipping is. I thought maybe they were busy and waited, but it's been two days now. I hope they're okay.


18th May 2009, 07:18
Sorry Nathan. Been out of state and will be back mid-week. Will pm you with shipping.

26th May 2009, 02:49
Sent PM with shipping deets to Nathan. Uploaded photos of 1040STF ( can you guess the pictured game? :-) )

28th May 2009, 03:09
Regrettably, due to financial constraints (I broke a tooth, and had to get it fixed) I have to withdraw my interest for the Atari 1040. I hope she goes to a good home.. I hate Murphy.


18th February 2010, 20:24
I declare interested in the 1040ST. PM Sent.

26th July 2010, 12:51
Zoom is first in line, but I added some more parts and machines, so: bump!

11th August 2010, 23:13
Now Zoom is "the last in line" ( got the hint? ;) ), as the 1040STF has been sold.

13th August 2010, 01:35
Can one of the admins please change the title of this thread to:

FS: Atari 8bit/ST peripherals + 520STFM:1MB RAM + 520STFM:2.5MB RAM!

I couldn't find a way to do it myself...


17th August 2010, 09:20
Hello. Shipping cost with simple post (and good package) to Greece for SC1224?:)

22nd August 2010, 01:37
Unfortunately, expensive :-( ~$96

1st September 2010, 16:15
Hi all,

Just brought a atari printer from da9000, packing was Excellent and printer was great conition. I will do business with him again!


2nd September 2010, 00:14
Bobby sent me a money order promptly and everything went smoothly.


We was both wondering if there's anything special we need to do to leave feedback for each other? We can't find the link in our individual profiles. :unsure:

2nd September 2010, 04:00
Nothing special: copy the thread address (http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?p=96387) from your browser bar and then click on the feedback number of the person you want to leave feedback.

On the new opened page click on "submit feedback" button. The rest is no-brainer.:)

3rd September 2010, 08:02

I finally get what the "feedback number" means... Talk about hidden UI functionality...

More info:

Thanks Rogerio!

Funny thing is, your link to "my thread" is:

while on my browser it shows as:


3rd September 2010, 19:57
Click on the link and you'll discover why. ;)

29th April 2013, 13:11
Interested in this:

2) Atari 520STFM upgraded to 1MB of memory! (comes with mouse+joystick, NOT yellow) $120

No longer interested, found 1040

10th December 2013, 07:24
Still available.

13th March 2014, 21:51
Declaring interest in SC1224. PM send.