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24th March 2009, 14:56
Hello there my fellow forum chummies,

Since a friend has recently brought one of these over for some retro-entertainment I now must have one, the Irony is he brought me one over that he had spare.... alas its dead without hope of revival, a drastic pity.

I am hoping that some one out there in the world of AmiBay might just have a Spectrum +2 (that is the grey model with the tapedeck *Datacorder*)


Snazzy eh?

anyway, I would love to have one of these again, I have many mods planned for it.... oh yes indeed! so much so, its going to be a project.... the infamous "Spectrum + 4" by the time I am finished with it.

Cosmetically I am not to worried on its looks, I have spare keyboard and plastics worse case scenario, I am not to fused about leads / power pack or anything like that I have many things here :)

anyway let me know what you have and how many beer tokens it will take for you to release your death like grip on it.

24th March 2009, 16:53

Go on admit it, you blew it up....trying to stuff a Micro ATX Mobo in there :lol:

Best Wishes my friend

TC :mrgreen:

24th March 2009, 19:07
Oh Noes! Don't tell me your one was DOA too!

I'm gutted for you matey. :(

A BIG TY to Ian anyway, it was such a nice offer. :)

Kin Hell
24th March 2009, 19:44
Now this is a Blast from the Past. Stop trying to over-clock them Zeets! :mrgreen:


24th March 2009, 20:53

Does your dead ZX Spectrum +2 (grey) by the way may have a Teac chip still in good condition ??
I have one +2 grey case, but the teac chip is damaged (only image i get from rgb port is black and white with distortion, but i can still see the menu and typed keys, so the spectrum is alive.... also RF is busted too).

Hope You find one! These are great computers :D

I have a 100% working 128k +2B, that after reading this post and the one at EAB, i'm defenitly going to buy a DivIDE!!! :shock:
Here's an image of my 128k +2B (Needs a good cleaning of the keyboard and case, but everyting else inside is well take cared off :D ):

24th March 2009, 23:26

I admit nothing, I deny everything ;) unless its on camera where I plead guilty by reason of insanity! LOL


Afraid so, I spent yesterday having lots of fun trying to get one of the units to work, alas no.... Although when Yorkie brought over his other +2 I figged it for composite output!!! Whooo none of that nasty RF nonsense!!


I miss read the spec's I am sure it said 14Mhz Zilog not 3.54 thats video frequency right!? all decent computers run at 14mhz intervals dont they ;) *snigger*


I have two dead Spectrum +2 motherboards, not sure where there dead but theres no life from them at all. chips seem in good condition, so I shall remove one for you my friend :)

send me a pic of the exact chip so i dont make a classic mistake ;) :D

25th March 2009, 16:32

The chip is labeled as Tea2000 (Pal encoder), but after reading some foruns http://fixunix.com/sinclair/113349-spectrum-2-gray-no-picture-tv.html this problem can come from a bad Tea2000 chip or loss of +12v line :? , and I don't know (and don't have the knolege) witch is afecting my 128K +2. Etherway can You also send the RF modulator, cause it seems they work separatly, If I can't repair the teac2000 at lest I can get image and sound from the RF, and another 128K +2 Lives!!

Just send the total for the work and parts and £ is on your way.

PS: if you decide to send the parts, can you put in the pack the backet for the Rocky SBC 772ev (remember...? :mrgreen: ).

Here's the ship location marked with red circle:

25th March 2009, 21:12
For my friend JLPedro :)

26th March 2009, 23:04
This is becoming really offtopic :oops: ... Sorry ZetrO.
Does anyone here knows what spectrum this is, for start is a 48K machine as for the rest (where are the rubber keys :?: :?: :?: ) :

26th March 2009, 23:58
LOL dont worry about OT'ing the thread my friend,

that looks like a rehoused zx 16/48k spectrum.

is the chassis plastic or metal alloy?

oh btw, can you PM your address my friend so i can send you those bits i took a picture of :)

27th March 2009, 00:10
The chasis is plįstic, the only thing diferent from the rubber 48k IS the rubber keyboard and metal with ribbon colors :shock: . Have this one and a 48K+ , both work but keyboard membranes are dead with almost half keys not working.

PM'd my adress. Send me total of shipping and work so I can send some funds!


27th March 2009, 00:13
I do remember that you could buy aftermarket cases with proper 'clicky clacky' keys, but why would you want to re-home a 48k into the 'dead flesh' key case?

Whatever flicks your bean, I suppose.

27th March 2009, 00:16
I didn't do anything to the 48K, it was given to me like this.... and by the way this keyboard is even worse than the rubber ones.... :(

14th April 2009, 00:33
Zetro do you still need a +2?
i do happen to have a few Spectrums here (well 23 to be exact :wink: ) all flavours as well.
I got one here that has a loose DC input socket (I really cannot be bothered to solder it),
it does work though :D

let me know and its yours :)
well only if you let me know what mods you have planned for it :wink:

@JLPedro if you get divIDE then make sure you get yourself a set of +3e ROMS (google for spectrum+3e), ROM images there (and are allowed, by Amstrad, to be distributed legally).
original divIDE doesnt really like 128k's though (cant remember why though) just try using 128k basic :shock:
good bit of kit though

14th April 2009, 03:35


I really Appreciate it...

well sir, I have some awesome stuff planned, lets see

I want to make the project "Spectrum 128 + IV" she will have the following:-

replaced Tape Loader to a CDROM fliptop lid
internal IDE connection to DivIDE[/*:m:1knp8h6z]
Featuring CDISO format reading of files[/*:m:1knp8h6z]
Ability to play CDDA tracks direct to spectrum[/*:m:1knp8h6z][/*:m:1knp8h6z]
Internal DB60XG midi wavetable card *connected via midi*

12mb of compressed FM synth sounds 603 XG voices[/*:m:1knp8h6z]
32/64 multi-timberal synth[/*:m:1knp8h6z]
32 Drum kits[/*:m:1knp8h6z]
Stero Input[/*:m:1knp8h6z]
Mult Stero effects on throughput sound and voice channels[/*:m:1knp8h6z][/*:m:1knp8h6z]
4GB compact flash (partitioned 2x 2GB)[/*:m:1knp8h6z]
Custom built Kempston interface and cartridge slot[/*:m:1knp8h6z]
SFF fliplid converted Laptop IDE CDROM drive[/*:m:1knp8h6z]
Internal converted 120watt ATX power supply (*needs the -12 for the db60xg*)[/*:m:1knp8h6z]
Colour scheme will be the Sinclair White colour with offset for some keys and featuring[/*:m:1knp8h6z]
Audio In port for mp3 player connection[/*:m:1knp8h6z]
512KB / 1024 KB ram upgrade[/*:m:1knp8h6z][/list:u:1knp8h6z]

yeah... that should just about cover it.

14th April 2009, 04:00
btw, just a thought

can I use a 3e+ rom on a grey 128 +2 ?

14th April 2009, 11:30
+3e roms on a +2 Grey 128K... :roll: I don't think so...
And check on WoS forum thread, my +2 Grey seems to be giving is colors.... weird story....

I thought DivIde worked with all spectrum flavors out of the box, my +2b only differs from the +3 by having a tape deck intead of the floppy drive??

Other thing: Any chance of getting me (selling) a working 128K Heatsink sinclair spectrum (preferably a British one, no the Spanish Investronica)?? :mrgreen: that would be awsome!

14th April 2009, 12:06
Not wishing to hi-jack the thread, apologies to all,,


I quite fancy a ZX Spectrum+ or a +3 if you would wish to part with any.
Regarding the +3, I have similar ambitions to Zetr0 in hacking the bugger to death :D
I have to warn you though my budget is pretty non-existant :lol:

TC :mrgreen:

14th April 2009, 12:27
@Zetro, grey +2's only have 1 rom chip, the +2a/+2b and +3's all have two ROM chips.

@JLPedro the divIDE does work with all Spectrums, but afaik there are/were two versions of the interface.
I have the original version which is a read only interface :( and I have to use an CF card adaptor and take the 5v/0v from the unused tape interface solder points on a +3 to power it.
The divIDE Plus works in 128k basic etc and does not need a CF adaptor as it is built in to the interface.
I really want one but alas RWAP Software have stopped selling them for the time being and Papaya Labs have sold out also and I know of no-one else who sells them.

Alas no for an original heatsink 128k, I only have two of those and I prefer them to the +2's and +3's.
Although I am supposed to be collecting a lot of Sinclair stuff at the weekend (unless the seller backs out) and I am not sure what he has for sale. (God help me if the wife finds out :shock: )

And one other thing if anyone has a ZXMatrix they want to sell/trade then let me know (last person to sell me one didnt :evil: )
*update* looks like i will finally (hopefully) have one of these with USB ports :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

And sorry Zetro for hijacking your thread and taking it off subject :oops:

@TheCorfiot, I have a look and see what I have laying around :D

14th April 2009, 12:59
It was a long shot! Thanks for replying, I know 128K Heatsink models are rare. If the TheCorfiot dops out for a +3 I would be interested also, I dont mind to get only the system and psu!

Man, sorry I seem to rip most of your theads! :oops: , if You haven't sent the spares for the +2, you could send just the Tea2000 and the voltage regulator (the one with the heatsink), or maibe send them together with the 8MB Fast Ram for the A600, as it shoul make no diference on the shipping costs.

14th April 2009, 18:37
I realise it probably wasn't your intention to open up a speccy mart and were originally only offering to help out Z but If you have a +2 going spare I have been looking for one for a while now. I'm happy to part with a few beer tokens as well.

14th April 2009, 19:06
Lolol! A man just can't enter this site and say loud that He owns 23 Spectruns!! Almost instantaneously a bunch of retro hungry guys (me included :mrgreen: ) jump on I'm trying to snap one or two machines :twisted: .

16th April 2009, 17:58
@ zetro - posted :)

17th April 2009, 01:48

AWESOME!!!! thanks very muchly chappy :)

20th April 2009, 20:39

Any luck on the weekend? :mrgreen:

20th April 2009, 20:46
no 128k+ unfortunately
although i did get 7 rubber keyed spectrums (3 boxed),
2 +2's (1 black & 1 grey), spectrum 48k+,
couple of multifaces,
rom chip to make +2a into a normal grey+2 (with instructions)
stack of games etc
and other bits and pieces for the Spectrum
also a couple of 1541-II's for c64

one problem was ......... the wife found out :shock:
cost me a fortune to keep her sweet

21st April 2009, 02:49

Specky arrived saturday!!!! a beautiful model indeed!!!!

thanks muchly!!!!

21st April 2009, 02:51

the Black +2 is infact a +2a or +2b (pending on where it was manufactured) this particular revision of board is identical to the +3 motherboard and can be hacked to alow for a regular sized 3.5" FDD :) as well as 3e+ custom ROM coolies eh?

21st April 2009, 21:27

the Black +2 is infact a +2a or +2b (pending on where it was manufactured) this particular revision of board is identical to the +3 motherboard and can be hacked to alow for a regular sized 3.5" FDD :) as well as 3e+ custom ROM coolies eh?

does your black +2 have a Zilog Z0765A floppy controller and an SED9420C floppy disk data seperator chip and drive B connector at the back?

if it does then yes you can hack a 3.5" drive in otherwise if it doesnt then you will have to make your own floppy interface
watch out for the rear edge connector though, as the black +2's and +3's have different connections to your grey +2 and 48k
and you can fry stuff if you plug the wrong interface in the wrong Speccy (i have done ooops :oops: )

and the +3e roms will know if it is plugged into a +2 and will say +2e on switching it on

16th July 2009, 11:14
Hello all :D

Sorry to revive and Hi-jack an old thread..... :thanks:

Zetr0 kindly sent me a DivIDE which is a truely awesome piece of kit... :nod:

Alas my problems began.... I have a very old ZX Spectrum 48K (issue 4a) and the DivIDE will not work with it at all, It is either ignored (But the NMI switch works) or on the very rare occaision that it boots the DivIDE firmware it just loops round after finding the IDE device..

I wasn't sure what the issue was until my friend bought his Issue 5 ZX Spectrum 48K around
and the DivIDE works fine with that although it can take a few attempts of connecting the PSU to reset the whole thing correctly... Sounds like a job for a reset switch mod :lol:

So I have a DivIDE but no Speccy to use it with.... :cry:

Would anyone be so kind as to have a Spectrum they wouldn't mind parting with.

ZX Spectrum +2 (grey older)
ZX Spectrum +3
ZX Spectrum 128

Any of the above would be preferred due to the RGB port & Beefier PSU to run the DivIDE...

Many Thanks in advance to you all and hope some one can help...

Best Wishes
TC :thanks:

24th July 2009, 10:50
@ TC,
I think I have a spare +2 here,
I have in excess of 40 spectrums here now :ROTFLOL2:
and now 'her indoors' is complaining and as we expecting our first baby I have been told to 'get rid' of most of them and also my MAME arcade machine :nuts:
(don't think so, i'll take over the third floor and she won't know :shhh: )
anyway i'll have a look and let you know later today (24/07)

24th July 2009, 12:51
You are a gentleman sir :nod:

I await your search results with great anticipation whilst cradling my DivIDE :lol:

Many Thanks again

TC :thanks:

25th July 2009, 12:42
Grey 128k+2 = yep have four of these :)
sorry about not posting reply yesterday :whistle: I erm.....err.......kinda went for a little drink yesterday lunchtime-ish :pint:
and got back very late last nite...... now I'm in the dog house :run:
PM me and pass the headache tablets :banghead:

25th July 2009, 14:13

Thanks very much and please don't worry about the late reply, we do what we can when we can whilst keeping er indoors happy too :lol: .

PM sent


TC :thanks:

25th July 2009, 17:17
.... & Beefier PSU to run the DivIDE...

Don't have one spare myself old chap, but I use a 9v adapter I picked up in Argos for my +2 and it works a treat, no power issues or worrying about ropey old power packs for me.

26th July 2009, 11:27
Please remember people that when hacking spectrum power supplies, the Negative is on the INSIDE POL and the Positive on the OUTSIDE POL

I have included a nice pic :D

3rd August 2009, 21:08
TC you have a belated PM :oops: :run:

3rd August 2009, 22:14
Thank you my good friend, glad to hear you are well :wink:
You have a PM back :lol:

Best Wishes
TC :thanks:

7th August 2009, 15:43
Payment made for the +2 two days ago

Item received today and now fully working after a bit of TLC and some mild soldering :mrgreen:

Positive Feedback left and a geat big thank you my friend. :bowdown:

Now to let loose with my DivIDE at last :woot:

TC :thanks: