View Full Version : Closed Wanted: A2000 Accelerator + any other upgrades?

23rd February 2008, 03:22
Hi everyone.

New here. Just getting back into the Amiga scene after about 15yrs. I've got an A2000 with a 1084s on it's way to me as we speak. It's got an 8MB ram card and an A2091 scsi card with a 40mb drive.

I'm now looking to improve it in anyway I can. First thing I guess would be an accelerator card. I've been searching everywhere and it looks like there like rockin' horse poo. A couple of A2630's on ebay but they won't ship internationally. (I'm in Australia).

I'm looking to install 3.1 roms via a kickboard with a view to upgrading to OS 3.9, so an accelerator's a must. Just looking to make it the best A2000 it can be - so if anyone's got anything else you think I may be interested in (video cards, flicker fixers etc, please let me know.