View Full Version : Sold Oak Solutions SCSI interface for Risc PC

3rd September 2011, 20:18
Untested as I don't have a Risc PC anymore :-( Was working when I last used it, SCSI connector has slight damage but all the pins are present and straight.



3rd September 2011, 20:22
I'll take it, if you willing to post it to Australia, for whatever the extra postage costs are.

Its a 16 bit card so will work on my earlier machine fine.

3rd September 2011, 20:23
Actual mate, I'm going down under for a year in October! I'd prefer to sell to UK/Europe but if no one takes it I can stuff it in my baggage to take down with me.

5th September 2011, 11:26
Agreement reached as to postage etc, and payment sent.

Thanks :thumbsup:

20th September 2011, 04:12
Arrived a few days ago, just been too busy with RL issues. Could have done with slightly better packaging, but undamaged.

Not able to test as still collecting hardware for this machine, but I replaced the broken connector anyway.

Leaving feedback now.