View Full Version : Found AlfaPower 500 6.xx rom chip

5th September 2011, 18:27
After one of these, not sure which chip I have currently, but it'd doesn't like any drive bigger than 1gb in size, which tbh, sucks.

Please help :bowdown:

5th September 2011, 19:07
Have you tried OctaPussy from Aminet ?

5th September 2011, 19:35
lol, no I hadn't, didn't even know it existed. Just looking at the read me it sounds like it fixes all.

Thanks you very much, :thumbsup:

Now just gotta workout how to install it :)

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Thread can be closed, thanks again Bebek, worked imediately :bowdown:

5th September 2011, 20:07
I am glad it helped, will do same soon with my BSC-2008 :) .

Jon Hare
5th September 2011, 20:17
What is that OctaPussy doing? Nice name btw :lol:

5th September 2011, 20:21
Coolest program name ever :D

Seems to load a new rom to ram on top of the old one to make drives work with idefix97 and hdtoolbox and surpass the small hdd limit in the older roms. Also makes the drives become recognised as scsi.device drives. Clever stuff :)

7th September 2011, 14:45
Spoke too soon. My Oktopussy doesn't seem to like being used with CF IDE adaptors.

Quest is still on, Burnt or original is fine.

Jon Hare
7th September 2011, 14:47
PM sent

7th September 2011, 15:05
John hare to the rescue :)

12th September 2011, 13:11
Recieved today mate, feedback left :thumbsup:

Jon Hare
12th September 2011, 18:53
Same here, great deal :)