View Full Version : Closed Gameboy Tetris

6th September 2011, 16:15
I'll pay up to 6 shipped. Someone must have one kicking round somewhere I can have?

6th September 2011, 16:30
There's a seller on ebay selling loads of them for 4 each shipped :D

A few years ago I spent a couple of weeks trying to find one for my sister before giving up and getting her Tetris 2 or somesuch :thumbsdown:

6th September 2011, 17:43
Can a mod close this thread? Found a copy in a local games shop. They wanted 6 as "It's getting quite rare to find now" :lol:

Got it for 4, now to see if I can complete it, I wanna see the spaceship!

6th September 2011, 17:49
I think my dad was the only one in our house to get the spaceship, i could never be arsed.