View Full Version : Closed Wanted: AGA Amiga - Perth, Australia

24th February 2008, 15:33

I'm trying to learn C programming on Amigas, currently using WinUAE, but I'd like to have a 'real' Amiga to work on.

I have been getting small items (external floppy, joystick, DKB Cobra 030 accelerator) together to get a system running. All I need is an A1200 or an A4000 to get going.

I'm out of work right now, so no rush, but also would prefer an item from within Australia for shipping prices.

If I can get an A4000, I will place the Cobra (40MHz 68EC030, with a stick of RAM) here for someone else, as it will be of no use to me, and it was donated by AceFNQ originally, so I wouldn't feel right making a profit from it.