View Full Version : Closed Apollo 1240 CPU desolder

11th September 2011, 14:32
Hi fellow members!

As per title I'm looking for some kind person that would desolder my 040 CPU from my Apollo 1240 and clean the holes so I can solder a new one in :)

I have no tools to complete this task and buying them just for this is not worth hence I would need someone who could spare their time, not for free of course ;)

Details would be discussed via PM.

Please send me your offer :thumbsup:

11th September 2011, 15:29
you want install a new fast 040 or 060?

11th September 2011, 15:41
I want to put 060 in, but I can do all the rest by myself, just need someone who will desolder the 040 and clean holes for 060.

11th September 2011, 20:26
yes i can, if agree, i remove the eprom, update the eprom and insert the sockets

12th September 2011, 04:29
Hi vintageit.

Why not to place a socket after the old cpu extraction? Pm sent.