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13th September 2011, 19:08
Mach 131 for Apollo 1240 upgrade, or if anyone knows a source for one it would be greatly appreciated.


14th September 2011, 05:27
The owner of the Apollo designs is Jens Schoenfeld (aka Individual Computers). He might sell you the MACH131 with the correct code (he is the only person on the face of this planet who have the code).

Be prepared to pay through the nose for the chip!

14th September 2011, 06:39

14th September 2011, 13:22
I emailed Jens and this was the response:

I'm sorry, I don't support Apollo cards and I don't sell parts. Please have your Apollo card recycled, it will not make you happy.

so I guess that I won't be getting one.

14th September 2011, 14:16
HAHAHAHA that was the typical reply I expected from Jens :)
Jens and Apollos... don't mix well together.

14th September 2011, 14:18
Not knowing much about Jens other than he makes hardware for great computers, can anyone enlighten me as to why he owns the code and why he hates apollo's so much that he won't release the code?

14th September 2011, 14:44
AFAIK Apollo boards design and production never met Jens criteria, that's why he bought all the rights (and I believe code/schemas) to the Apollo cards back then in order for not possible reproduction of those in the future.
Dunno aboout the 1240/60 or 4040/60 line but many of us that had an Apollo 630 know very well about Jens humor concerning repairing or assisting in repairing these boards :)

IIRC a quote was like "One more dead apollo is better for the community". Well I dunno about design, flaws or production quality of the Apollos, but I wouldn't accuse Jens who has high standards so easy. I agree that's his attitude has some sort of empathy but can't do much about it :)

14th September 2011, 15:01
Mach 131 for Apollo 1240 upgrade, or if anyone knows a source for one it would be greatly appreciated.


Sell this card and buy one with mach131, plenty around ...

14th September 2011, 15:03
Both 1240/60 and 630 are great pieces of hardware. I used to have an Apollo 1260 in my Ateo tower from 2002 to 2008 and it was flying. Then the board has died for an unknown reason after i moved to another apartment.

Do you think that a 1240 can be upgraded just by swapping the MACH chip or is there some more logics (besides of course CPU, ROM and voltage adapter)?