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31st March 2009, 13:48

Hope this is the place to ask...

Anyone who has been successful with the HiQ Siamese (non scsi) system and can give me some help,please?

Have tried to resurrect this system with A4000/WB3+Siamese+PC/W95.

PC and Amiga fire up, but so far the board only works as a monitor switcher.

PC functions OK, with PC mouse and keyboard. F12 on the PC gives me a black screen with a white mouse pointer that moves in response to the PC mouse movement.

Left Amiga -C brings up the Amiga screen and the Amiga keyboard/mouse function normally.
(Left Amiga -C again switches back to the PC)

...but so far no ability to use only one mouse/keyboard to control both machines.


Kin Hell
31st March 2009, 13:56
Hope this is the place to ask...

It is now! :wink:

Good Luck,