View Full Version : Found Looking for a Guru ROM upgrade for GVP HC8+

14th September 2011, 20:28
I would like the above to be able to use the entire 18GB of my drive, instead of the usual 3.77GB.

Any revision would do, as I can use my eprom programmer to update it if necessary.

Regards and thanks


14th September 2011, 20:38

the latest rom is further down

15th September 2011, 22:00
http://babel.de/download/gvpscsi4.tar.bz2 is the Binddriver driver of the GURU.ROM (you need to boot from another card, then add archive above saved in the EXPANSION drawer).

That or grab a real Guru.ROM. Notice they are (very) hard to show in sales threads.

19th September 2011, 21:31
I'm currently using an HC+8- controller with an GURU-ROM 6.11 on it, which will have to search for a new home as soon as my new accellerator card arrives -- my current accelerator (which I also want to sell here then) has no SCSI on it.
So, if you take the ROM together with the card, I'll have one for you in 1-2 weeks, depending on an appropriate offer per PM.

6th October 2011, 14:42
Hi PM on its way to you


6th October 2011, 16:01
Getting and programming the ROM(s) are easy. The CPLD adapter board is harder. I asked if I could re-make them a few years ago and Ralph said that he did not want to devalue existing stock. Perhaps it is time to ask again?

9th October 2011, 20:07
Not heard from Cameron after my PM to him earlier this week, so if anyone has a GURU ROM that they want to sell to me, please let me know.



19th October 2011, 19:43
In between, several thing happened.
In short (and to follow the rules?): PMs sent and received, payment sent, payment received, part shipped! :D

alexh: Do you have any idea what the adapter-PCB is good for? There's a GAL below the ROM itself, what does that do? I've read something about extending the address space, but I can't imagine that a GAL can connect more address-lines than available on the socket..?

But however, yes, it seems like it's time to ask again! :thumbsup:

19th October 2011, 19:58
could I ask what the difference between the guru and the latest official is, in term of support of drives and whatnot?

21st October 2011, 10:00
Of course you can, but since I've never used an GVP without an Guru-ROM, nor an A2091 with Guru-ROM, I've never had the opportunity to experience any differences myself. So for me, there's just the information left that it *should* be better in indirect transfers to 32bit FastMem on Zorro-II and *should* be able to handle larger disks. Now that I've sold the Guru-ROM, maybe sometimes I'll burn the normal GVP-ROM and try it out.

But back to the adapter: Can anyone imagine that it's more than an unusual kind of copy-protection?

22nd October 2011, 20:11
Found and received, please can you now archive this thread?

Regards (and many thanks to Cameron)


22nd October 2011, 20:16
We just need feedback from Cameron and then we are good to go :thumbsup:

Dave G :cool:

23rd October 2011, 12:47
Late, but finally... Feedback left!

We just need feedback from Cameron and then we are good to go :thumbsup:

Dave G :cool: