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Amiga Forever
16th September 2011, 14:54
I do have either other items( 2 NEO GEO MVS or PS 1 console with 15 Games and joypads) that I could swap for Amiga 500 Cartoon Classic and also could put bit of cash toward to it as well :thumbsup:

Must be in good condition
Must be in Compelete

Please let me know:thumbsup:

16th September 2011, 20:45
i have an amiga 500 cartoon classics pack, but i have a suspicion that it may not be all complete, will have a look over the weekend and let you know. (computer and all leads are there, think i may not have the lemmings disks though), has outer sleeve too

Amiga Forever
16th September 2011, 21:27
I am looking forward to it :) Picture of it would be nice :):thumbsup:

17th September 2011, 12:30
hi, had a dig in my loft and found it but its not complete im afraid.
outer sleeve is ok condition but cellotaped up in places, missing lemmings, missing bart vs space mutants, has captain planet and d paint disks but no instructions for anything. Basically its just an a500 (with expansion) and an outer sleeve. Tested it all and appears to work fine though (tis a tad dusty though), let me know if your interested and i'll stick some pics up later :)

Amiga Forever
19th September 2011, 15:35
Could you show me some pic of it pls :thumbsup:

19th September 2011, 20:19
howdy there, pics as requested :D

Amiga Forever
27th July 2013, 22:08