View Full Version : For Sale Intellivision

18th September 2011, 20:54
I have for sale a working Intellivision with a boxed Intellivoice.
It also comes with a Dutch manual and the following boxed games :

- Atlantis (missing one inlay)
- Bomb Squad (complete)
- Golf (complete)
- Microsurgeon (complete)
- Safecracker (no manual)

This Intellivision is 220 volts, reads model 3999 on the bottom with serial number RH28312.

Asking 40 euro's + postage (or next best offer).

Pictures coming soon! (but feel free to show interest, it will spark me to take pictures sooner ;) )

27th April 2013, 00:59
Is this still available? Looking for a 220v Intellivision