View Full Version : Closed Acorn Archimedes

22nd September 2011, 15:57
I am looking for an Archie.

I mainly interested in the 3000 series (3010 or 3020), but would consider a 4000 if had the right keyboard & mouse

Ideally 2 or 4meg ram depending on model

Preferably no school ID marks.

I definitely want the proper 3 button mouse with it.

Other goodies such as HDD, Ethernet etc are not necessary, and monitor is NOT wanted, unless very local to Scarborough/UK area.

UK preferred due to postage costs!

Anyone have one they wouldn't mind parting with?

6th November 2011, 21:46
Bumpetty bump ...

9th November 2011, 22:51
[not wanting to bump, but have to anyway]

Can this be marked as found? I just got one from the other bay.


9th November 2011, 23:09
Of course, which one did you end up with in the end?

9th November 2011, 23:36
I ended up with BBC's final model, the A3000.

I know I didn't ask for this one, but hey, this one has not been in a school, so that is a huge bonus (to me), plus has had a memory upgrade. And thinking about it, I'd only probably mess on with e-type, interdictor (?), and of course, the ultimate version of Elite! A 3000 aught to deal with that lot! If not then :Doh::Doh::Doh::Doh::Doh::Doh::Doh::Doh::Doh:

Mind, if I could find a copy of my A-level project "Doodle-bug Deluxe", I would be over the moon!