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29th February 2008, 20:05
I can be any model C64 but it has to come with power supply, joystick, tape deck or floppy drive.

I live in the UK and don't mind paying a reasonable price or if someone is good enough to give me one i would pay postage.


1st March 2008, 03:41
Hi, I am sure I have a spare C64 knocking about. Would you want to buy the older style one, "bullnose" type, like the C-16 I believe it was, though I never owned one, or were you thinking of the later version with the more Amiga style look to it, with a grille like effect to the rear of the top of the machine?

I would be asking £10, plus p+p, which would be at cost.

I have to charge for the item, as the power supply is still useful to me as a replacement for a CD32 I have, and that would be the replacement cost of one of those, at the very least.

The C64 itself would be unboxed, but I could supply a basic joystick, and cassette tape player, the basic standard type supplied with the C64.

Interested, then either a reply, or a P.M. for any further info you require.


1st March 2008, 08:04
I am interested and i have sent you a PM ... cheers mate

2nd March 2008, 15:50
I have replied (PM), waiting for a response about the C64, D.T.

3rd March 2008, 10:50
pm'ed about it all