View Full Version : Closed ZX Spectrum +2a or +3

1st October 2011, 16:34
looking for the said item in the title. I need it to be as cheap as possible. Dont need any games just the machine and the power supply and maybe a joystick if you have one but is not a must.

I am looking for a +3 but a +2a will do the same job as i am going to use this with an IDE device.

1st October 2011, 18:58
Hi Mate

I've got a Black +2A with Eproms already programmed (+2E) for Zetr0's 8-bit IDE adapter. Housing not in the greatest condition but works fine. Proper +2A PSU also supplied, asking what I paid for it.

If you are passing my way, pop in & have a lookie & take it away if you like.....

TC ;)

1st October 2011, 19:10
how much did u pay 4 it and how much is postage i cant pick up as i dont have a car sadly

2nd October 2011, 18:47
After much PM discussion :lol:

The Eproms I have programmed and fitted are currently for the DivIDE.
I'm in the process of erasing & re-progging the Eproms for you to use with the simple 8-bit IDE interface.

If all goes to Plan I should be able to post this off to you this week or even deliver it next weekend....

TC :cool: