View Full Version : Found Looking for my first Amiga- US Location

4th October 2011, 05:31
Looking for my first amiga system.. Preferably within the US.. Something operational that has a hard drive

USA sellers only..

Thanks guys

4th October 2011, 05:38

And type in "Amiga" ;)

4th October 2011, 13:18
PM sent.

4th October 2011, 17:24
I have an Amiga 1200 with 800mb HDD, or optionally with a 4GB CF card and IDE -> CF Adapter. Here's a link to my listing, if you like it, feel free to declare interest :) FYI - the Indi AGA is gone, so no VGA!!!


5th October 2011, 05:20
Im willing to swap some of my Apple Stuff for a system so look thru my mac for sale thread and see if anything interests you

6th October 2011, 14:44
Found my first amiga, A member on here who lives an hour or so away from me..

Thanks guys for all the offers

6th October 2011, 17:21
Doh! Just read your response. :) Oh well. If you're still interested in the a1200 and would want to swap something, let me know. I don't know much about vintage Apple stuff, so would appreciate a step in the right direction.

I do remember using Apple computers in grade school 20 or so years ago to play Oregon Trail...