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4th October 2011, 15:55
I've got everything that is necessary for creating disk image files from original C64/VIC-20/C128 and some PET disks. I'll be happy to backup any of these types of disks that you have into a disk image that can be used on emulators and hardware devices that require disk images.

If you want disks backed up, you would just need to send them to me. If you want them back then you would just pay return postage. :)

I can also write disk images for these systems back to real floppy disks. You could either send me disks or you can send me money for the blanks. I would then copy the disk images to the floppy disks and you would pay for shipping them to you.

Feel free to post questions about this service in this thread but contact me via PM if you want to take advantage of this service.


4th October 2011, 16:49
Great service Heather, I have the Chameleon so no need, but this is very good for less equipped users.

4th October 2011, 18:25
I've done this for some people in the past so I wanted to put it out there in case anyone needed this type of assistance. It keeps them from having to invest in the additional equipment. :)


4th October 2011, 20:22
Hi Heather :-)
since you are doing this, have you spoken to the guy at c64.com ?

several people out there are trying to preserve C64 software, missing Demos, games etc.

just thought it might be a good idea if you happen to cross your way with a missing piece of program.

love your dedication here :-)


4th October 2011, 20:35
I have submitted a couple things to the C64 Preservation (http://c64preservation.com/) site. Of course, they are mostly (or only) interested in preserving original games with the protection intact. I have a couple thousand C64 floppy disks that I still need to archive but they are mostly copies or cracked software. :)

Thanks for letting me know about C64.com though. :thumbsup:


4th October 2011, 20:48
this guy actually wants to secure the different cracks etc..

kinda like the tosec collection thingy.

and, you're welcome :-)

12th October 2012, 22:03
Just a bump to let the new users know I'm still offering this service. :)

Happy Friday!


12th October 2012, 22:12
pm sent.

12th October 2012, 22:22
Just curious, what software and hardware are you using to do this with?

I've used an Amiga and A1020 drive to do some imaging, works pretty good. ;)

14th October 2012, 00:16

For the Amiga I just use the EasyADF software. As for the C64/C128/PET disks, I use a 1571 with Parallel interface connected to a PC via a ZoomFloppy. I also sometimes use my 1541 Ultimate and copy the D64 files to real floppy disks that way. :)