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6th October 2011, 16:36
Firstly to an exciting new feature that was added to Amibay last week.

Checking existing adverts before posting.

For some time now members have been saying that their wanted adverts have been going unnoticed by sellers listing the exact items they have been looking for.

To help solve this a new feature has been added to Amibay. When a member starts to create a new sales thread, as soon as the title has been entered the site will check the title against all existing threads in both the For Sale and Wanted areas of the site. If it finds any matches the site will display a box below the title field listing the highest matching threads to the new thread being created.

This will then give the member creating the new thread the chance to review and check these before completing their own new thread, and will hopefully bring together members wanting an item with those offering them for sale.

Future update to this feature.

At the moment the results are combined from both the For Sale and Wanted sections. In the future I'm going to be looking into perfecting this further so that it will only display sales threads when creating a new wanted advert, and only wanted adverts when creating sales threads.

New areas of Amibay.

Amibay has seen a number of changes to the site's forum structure this week, with the addition of some new forums.

There have been a few areas of the site that have been floating around since it began, not quite fitting in anywhere, and left a bit out on their own. To fix this the following changes have been made:

1, Literature

New Literature sections added to both the For Sale and Wanted areas of the site.

Ami-Library was a separate area of the site, often forgotten by members; intended as a place to request and offer literature (books, magazines manuals etc).

It made better sense to have this within the main sale and wanted areas of the site. Therefore the old Ami-Library area has been removed, and in its place a new Literature section has been added to both the For Sale and Wanted areas of the site, with all of the existing threads from the old Ami-Library area moved into them. In addition new archive areas have been created for them, to move/archive completed threads to keep everything tidy and to allow members to find active listings much more easily.

2, Guides and FAQs.

The separate Service Bay section of Amibay has now been merged within the AmiOracle forum and renamed Guides and FAQs.

The Service Bay was originally intended to allow members to post guides and tutorials to help the rest of the community get the most out of their hobby, or to fix issues, and for those with problems to find other members to help them. However, we also have the AmiOracle forum which blurred the difference between itself and the Service Bay. Therefore the logical conclusion was to merge the 2 together into one central forum.

However we also wanted to create a new sub-forum within AmiOracle for Guides and FAQs. Therefore the solution was to move the Service Bay into AmiOracle and rename it to Guides and FAQs. This puts everything into one location, making it easier to find everything.

There may be some threads originally posted in AmiOracle that would now be better off in the new Guides and FAQs section, and equally some from the old Service Bay area that would be better moved to the main AmiOracle area. If you spot any threads you think should be moved please let the staff know.

3, Services

For a long time we have wanted to offer members the ability to advertise services they can offer the community. Therefore we have created this new Services forum, found in the Want to Sell section of the site.

At the same time the Staff have created a set of rules to ensure that the services being offered are legal and don't breach any copyrights.

Members may use this new forum to offer any services you wish, from backing up old disks, burning roms, offering specific hardware repairs. Anything you wish.

Members may also post threads asking for help, to find members able to provide them with a service.

Please see the sticky at the top of the Services forum to read the new rules that apply.

Any Questions?

All of the staff and the VIPs have been involved in the discussions and final decisions that went on to form the changed you see here. I think I've covered all the changes made to the site over the past couple of weeks, but if you have any questions about anything I've mentioned please post in the Feedback forum and we will be happy to answer them, or feel free to PM me directly.