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8th October 2011, 12:40
my scsi 50 pin drive is dying in my A500 / A1000 hard drive set up

gvp hd8+

the orig size is 39 mb i think but something around a gig or similar would be good.


oh... ideally it would have to work :-)

8th October 2011, 19:08
Had a look and have a 122MB drive, is that of any use to you ?

8th October 2011, 19:29
thanks but I'm after one a little bigger , but thank you

8th October 2011, 22:00
Which ROM version this HD8+ have? If 4.5 you can use 2Gb without a sweat, 3.76Gb if 4.15.

And you can even use bigger units, but you need to adjust the declared size to the limits by lowering the number of cylinders on HDToolbox or FaaastPrep until the above conditions are filled.

Just to wide your options a bit.

9th October 2011, 01:19
thanks but I'm after one a little bigger , but thank you

I've got a choice for you of a Conner SCSI 50pin CP30540 - 545MB, or an IBM SCSI 50-pin DPES-31080 1080MB, which I can sell you if we can agree on price. PM me if you're interested. I'm only on the other side of the Pennines anyway.

I have had them in storage for a good few years, so I'll test them if you're interested to make sure they work OK - I don't sell knackered stuff :D

bye for now,


9th October 2011, 22:41
My rom has 3Cxx something printed on it ?

Ill have a look tomorrow, I think it says something like fassssstprep on it or something like that.


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The 1080mb drive would do :-)


9th October 2011, 22:52
open cli and type version gvpscsi.device for rom version mate

9th October 2011, 23:00
Cheers John will do tomorrow but the hard drive is dying - some days it doesn't boot..

9th October 2011, 23:06

I think I can help you out with a 4GB unit and a 4.15 ROM, should be able to get that lot to you for 5 inc postage .

You will need to get an SCA80 to 50pin adapter - infact you need a specific one -

SCA80 to 50/68 SCA 1.84 (free PnP)

I just bought 5 of these today (lets hope they get here in time for replay eh? =)

Now, the 4.1GB HDD I recomend to be powered by a proper PSU and not though the HC8 card - I need to clarify how you are powering the adpater - as this drive draws 1.2 amps on the +12v - this will KILL a GVP or A590 PSU .

10th October 2011, 10:52
You will need to get an SCA80 to 50pin adapter - infact you need a specific one -

@ Zetr0: Why does it have to be this specific one? I reckon it has something to do with fitting it in the case... or?

12th October 2011, 21:29
thanks guys but i have agreed to buy DT's hard drive & payment sent :-)

cheers all

thanks for the info Keith

16th October 2011, 11:41
Hard drive received and up and running , lovely set of WB thank you

excellent :-)

feedback on the way...

if only every transaction was so nice.

17th October 2011, 01:06

The 1080mb drive would do :-)


1080MB SCSI HDD agreed, tested/partitioned as requested, payment received, and HDD supplied to mjnurney.

feedback left - all good :D