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3rd March 2008, 16:58
Ok, the rest of the games are going on huuto.net.

Thanks to all who expressed interest.

3rd March 2008, 17:52
@ Jope

I can understand the no-PMs comment, however, what is wrong with interested parties declaring interest in this thread...??

Declaring an interest here also prevents gazumping, in line with Amibay's policies on first come, first served...

Any comments??


3rd March 2008, 21:58
Well, since I have these posted on two English speaking boards and one Finnish one, it's much easier for me to just look at my email inbox to determine who was first..

I know it's not the best possible alternative, but a lot less effort on my part in comparison to having the info spread out.

I'll naturally still have to update all three places when stuff has been spoken for, but that's tolerable. :-)

Buyers are free to post their interest in this thread for the benefit of others, but unfortunately I must be fair to readers on other boards too - everyone has the same chance, first come first served in a global manner. :-)

3rd March 2008, 22:52
Ok, that's fine Jope, you could imagine what a potential gazumpfest this could turn into though....


4th March 2008, 11:08
Well, currently I'm not exactly swamped with requests. I guess these are too common.

I'll wait a week for offers, then dump them all on huuto.net in one go.

4th March 2008, 16:21
I have made an offer to jope for:

Feeble Files,
Maniac Mansion, and
Willy Beamish,

and I am awaiting a reply from him.


31st March 2008, 16:29
No. :wink:

Thread locked.