View Full Version : Swap CP/M 80 and 380Z, 480Z disks to swap/image

10th October 2011, 21:24

I've got a Research machines 380z. Am looking for a shortlist of essential CP/M programs to use AND anyone who has a 380z/480z to swap disks/images with. Please :)

With a few mates who've got 380z's and 480z's (canonman, ausfan), we've been busy working out how to image and write files to and from 5.25" disks and getting the HXC floppy emulator working. All good so far, we can write cp/m files to 5.25", extract files and mount HXC images and share on t'internet ( Google the yahoo 380z group)

But what we'd like is more disks, images. There's obviously a vast CP/M library out there but we'd like to share what we have as well as 'sort the wheat from the chaff'

Who else has a 380z or 480z and has disks to swap and get uploaded?

Anyone with a CP/M 80 machine? suggest the best or essential also? we'd be very grateful!
RSVP! :)

28th December 2011, 14:43
Polite bump :) any rml 380z owners here?

anyone got good experience of using cp/m program's on different cp/m machines? I ask as though I have some archives , less works than I thought..