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15th April 2009, 20:50
Yeah, title says it all. It must be a full CPU, no EC or other cripled version. It may be a XC but preferably a MC.

Kin Hell
15th April 2009, 21:11
Kin puts hand up for XC68040 @ 40Mhz Plus X-tal @ 80Mhz in CSPPC package style.....

PM meh! :mrgreen:


15th April 2009, 21:23
I'll have that 040, and pass on the xtal. So I'll PM this guy. Kin Hell? Is he any good? Does anyone know if he can be trusted? :lol:

Kin Hell
15th April 2009, 21:26
Dunno m8y! - Check the feedback score & PM the FuX0r to find out?


15th April 2009, 21:33
His feedback is okay, but it could be bloated with friend boosting. The kind that goes on at the other bay.

I've PM'ed him, and even though I originally passed on the xtal. I'm rethinking it. And awaiting what Zetr0 says as it's him who'll be doing the tinkering mentioned in the boing balls thread.


Kin Hell
15th April 2009, 22:13
Ball threads aside, other bay sites are not even in the equation here on AmiBay!

Joking aside again, if we were sat in the same room with a Hot Soldering Iron, it'd be done with no questions asked, whilst the 3 of us necked a few beers from the hip!

It working or not depends on the A3640 card handling 40Mhz or not! - Game over! :wink:


15th April 2009, 22:21
This is then on hold.

All jokes aside. Kin Hell will ship the items, xtal and CPU to Zetr0. I've dealt with Kin before, Zetr0 too. And this deal is going forward if Kin accepts my low ball offer for his items, and Zetr0 will heat his iron.

Meanwhile I'll be drinking beer in Oslo.

Kin Hell
16th April 2009, 00:39
Low "Balls" from hell or "Pussies" from heaven (I had to google to spelling of that one.... :mrgreen: )

It's all down to Zetr0 saying one way or the other.... Zeet's & I already have other hardware issues @ hand! :wink:


16th April 2009, 06:55
Not to completely hijack the thread for Kinnie and Arnie here, but if anyone wants any 68040s after Kinnie's supply runs dry, I might have a couple of extras (25, 33, 40 Mhz). Even LCs! :-p

20th April 2009, 13:54
I'll have the 040 kinnie, and I'll strike a deal with Anthony to do the whole thing. I'll poke you on PM too :-)

20th April 2009, 16:30
Money sent, through email. I scanned some notes. Hope Kinnie accepts them.

13th May 2009, 16:27
We are finalizing this deal atm. Money is sent, item on it's way to NZ.

19th May 2009, 13:41
This deal is now concluded, after I for the longest time were riding Kin Hell hard for petty details :mrgreen:

Kin Hell
19th May 2009, 17:02
Heh! - Riding me hard I think not! :mrgreen:


20th May 2009, 03:23
Time to close the thread?

20th May 2009, 07:15
Yes close this thread and open the boing ball thread. This is the deal thread, the other is a tech thread.

20th May 2009, 09:02
Thread Closed as Requested

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