View Full Version : Closed Wanted Amiga 3000 accelerator

16th April 2009, 19:07
I'm looking for an accelerator (68060 preferred) for an Amiga 3000 as in Apollo, Cyberstorm, Cyberstorm, etc.

16th April 2009, 19:48
In case you didn't know, softhut is selling new gvp accellerators (060 ones) with warranty. Not as cheap as ebay ones perhaps or a good deal here. But with warranty.

One important thing to know about the gvp ones, they have some issues with the onboard scsi controller (cannot boot from anything but ffs file system).

16th April 2009, 19:59
Thanks, and I understand about softhut. I had intended to mention that in my posting but forgot. I'm looking for something a little more reasonably priced.

Kin Hell
16th April 2009, 22:37
Does your A3KD mobo have the correct DMAC's & mods done to accommodate an 060 board? :wink:


16th April 2009, 23:08
Kin, I have A3000T and also plan to expant it by accelerator.
Do I need to update chips to SuperBuster 11 and any other you mentioned ?
And is INIT2 modification for Cyberstorms always necessary for A3000T ? Or only for desktop versions ?
Thanks in advance for the answers.

Kin Hell
17th April 2009, 11:39
@ zimgr5

You mean the INT2 mod (http://amiga.serveftp.net/A3000_INT2_mod.html)

Some A3KT's were okay, but afaik, most boards that have SCSI on board will still need the mod performing.

Buster 11 is for DMA & Bus Mastering corrections. Apparently, Rev 9 is better for some USB cards to work correctly? - don't ask! :wink:


17th April 2009, 18:57
I will have to do the int mod and I already have the Super DMAC 81. I think that is all I need, right?

Kin Hell
17th April 2009, 19:37
In all honesty Jim, I am not 100% sure & am not really experienced enough to offer real support.

Anyone else able to be crystal clear about A3KD/T mods for Proc. cards?


18th April 2009, 01:52
For processor cards (better than A3640, of course), just INT2 mod is needed. For use a Deneb in DMA mode, don't upgrade DMAC. Crystal clear.

Accelerators with on-board SCSI demands the hack or they will not work (no boot).