View Full Version : Closed 48k or 48k+ spectrum motherboard-got to be working

19th October 2011, 01:58

looking for a 48k motherboard from a 48k or 48k+ . Has to be working and cheap please.

A tatty complete speccy considered of course, but I dont have any need for a working keyboard or membrane or PSU etc, so happy if I get one with a dead keyboard. As long as the board works!

ps UK only, and postage to my UK address :)


9th November 2011, 03:32
<bump!> for a motherboard or a complete 48k or 48K+ speccy?

dont care if the keyboard or the case is patchy as long as the motherboard is good!

rsvp please - PS UK only please as the destination is UK :)

6th February 2012, 23:56
i got one if you still have not found one.

7th February 2012, 02:14

I found one on the evilbay, but thanks anyway :)

sorry I left the thread open.

cheers, iain

EDIT:! Mods, please can you advise how to close the thread? I've forgotten again and theres no option under thread tools (?). Doh! Thanks